'Days of Our Lives' Star Chrishell Hartley Reveals How Fans Can Save NBC Soap

Days of Our Lives star Chrishell Hartley is giving fans a spark of hope after news broke that the entire cast had been released from their contracts as the show enters an “indefinite hiatus.” Amid growing concerns that the long-running NBC soap opera is facing cancellation, Hartley, who has portayed Jordan Ridgeway since 2013, said that the circumstances aren’t “as dire” as they sound and even offered a few ways that fans can rally support to keep the series on air.

“The show, they’re trying really hard to save it, so it’s not as dire as it sounds. I think they really want to save the show, so if you watch the show, definitely tune in. And if you’ve tuned out, tune back in,” Hartley said when speaking to TMZ. “I would say, just tune in. If you love a show, try to watch it the day of so that it helps the ratings and everything.”

In the Tuesday report, it had been noted that Days was facing rating challenges, which could partially be responsible for the decision by Corday Productions to release the cast of their contracts. A source claimed that it was a “shrewd — if cynical — business move” and that if Days was renewed for a 56th season, the cast would be brought back on new contracts with a potential reduced rate, meaning that they risked losing “half their cast.”

The news had immediately sparked panic among fans, who stated their concerns on social media, though Hartley reiterated that they likely don’t have anything to fear.

“It sounds more dire than it is. They’re just taking a little hiatus, they’re going to try to catch up,” she said, adding that the possibility of cast members seeking other jobs while the show hangs in limbo is “the nature of the business.”

“Right now I’m not under contract with Days of Our Lives, so I’m not sure what the contract players are doing right now. You know, I think they should go out and try to get other jobs,” she said. “It’s kind of the nature of the business, you gotta kind of roll with the punches. But hopefully the show is going to keep succeeding. And in Salem, no one is ever really dead.”

Hartley’s words echo that of Kristian Alfonso, who has portrayed leading lady Hope Brady since 1983. Taking to Instagram on Wednesday, Alfonso promised fans that Days is “not going anywhere.”


At this time, NBC has not addressed the report. The network is currently said to be in negotiations with Sony Pictures Television for a possible renewal.

Days of Our Lives airs weekdays on NBC. Check local listings for exact air times.