'Criminal Minds' Fans Want [Spoiler] Gone for Good

Linda Barnes made some changes to the Behavioral Analysis Unit on Criminal Minds, and fans are not happy.

After announcing some of the members of the BAU would be reassigned, as well as relatively taking over control of the team, assistant director Linda Barnes (Kim Rhodes) got herself a place in "Most Hated Characters" in Criminal Minds history.

The fandom lost it earlier during Wednesday's episode after Barnes rejects two cases J.J. (A.J. Cook) brings on because the cases might be too divisive or won't make the press care.

"We need cases that will unite the public, I can already hear people saying why they should care about a dead Mexican grandma."

"The BAU is an elite unit, your cases should reflect that way in the media."

"26," J.J. starts. "That is the number of people who have died since you sidelined the BAU. People die when we don't do our job. You need to let us do our job."

Barnes claps back at J.J. just as swiftly: "Your job is to make the FBI look good for the public."

Later in the episode, J.J. goes to Linda to show her a photo of a dead woman, claiming the BAU should investigate the case. Linda dismisses it saying the photo is a fake.

The BAU decides to go against Barnes' orders and investigate the case anyways, behind her back.

Later in the episode, the team digs up Barnes led a similar investigation in the past, which she screwed up, leading them to believe that she may be stirring away from this investigation for a hidden reason.

Criminal Minds fans, angry with Barnes, were quick to hate on the character on social media.

Later in the episode, J.J. goes to Barnes, and she reveals she sealed the case because a high-profile man's daughter died of an overdose. After finding out she put the BAU on the case, Barnes fires J.J.

The firing doesn't stop the team from investigating, however, as Garcia (Kristen Vangness) finds a clue on the unsub, based on the purchase of expensive wine.


After solving the case successfully, and saving the life of a senator's daughter, Barnes has no choice but to reinstate the team to its former glory, and Prentiss hires J.J. back.

Criminal Minds airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.