'Counting On': Jana Duggar May Have Broken a Strict Family Rule

If you're a fan of Counting On, you would know that the Duggar family has some pretty strict rules [...]

If you're a fan of Counting On, you would know that the Duggar family has some pretty strict rules regarding everything from courtship to attire. The family also has a no dancing rule that they follow. But, one of the Duggar kids may have broken said rule, and they're opening up about it.

According to OK! Magazine, the Tuesday night episode of Counting On featured Jana Duggar discussing this no dancing rule.

"We've had more of I guess a conservative side of music and no dancing," Jana explained.

During her explanation, production showed her a clip of a young Jana and her brother, Jackson, dancing along to a children's toy with music. She said, "Sometimes the little ones will jump for joy."

Jana, who rolled her eyes after seeing the old clip, went on to explain that it's alright to have different views when you're younger, "I think with any person you may have different views when you're younger and things change when you get older and vice versa."

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Other members of her family also described the rule. Her sister, Jinger, and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, who live in Laredo, Texas, said that they got to experience mariachi music recently.

"As we walked into the [San Augustin Plaza] we saw the mariachi band playing," Jinger told the camera. "They were amazing and they were dressed really nice as well."

Her husband added, "I think the mariachi music is iconic in this part of the world so we've grown to appreciate it when we go out on the weekend and have dinner. It's skillful and it's beautiful." OK! Magazine noted that Laredo is located just a few miles away from the Mexican border.

Jana's father, Jim Bob, explained the family's stance on music and dancing.

"I think any of the little ones when they hear music they start jiggling around that's natural. That's why we're careful about the music we allow in our home," he told the cameras in 2008. On the more recent episode of Counting On, he said, "We noticed when there was a rock beat the kids would be jumping around. We thought the more calm the music the more calm the kids would be."

While there are rules in place regarding music and dancing, Jana has taken to Instagram in the past to share her appreciation for all things musical. In April, she showcased her skills on one of the family's pianos. On Easter, she also gave fans a look at a religious hymn that she was singing, "Christ the Lord Is Risen Today."