Cole Hauser Shares Heartwarming 'Yellowstone' Guest He Welcomed to Set

Cole Hauser's time on Yellowstone runs deeper than just an actor playing a role. For him, his time as Rip Wheeler is only part of his connection to Montana and the history of the area. It all combined to give Hauser the chance to have a very special guest with him on set while filming Season 5.

Back in early September, the Yellowstone star brought his mother to the set to enjoy the sights and to take a ride on horseback for some quality time together. His mother was also the reason folks got a bit of inside info on Hauser's Montana connections.

"Mr. Cole's love for Montana is literally in his blood on his father's side of the family! His great-grandfather, Sam T. Hauser, was the governor of Montana in 1885," Cass Warner, Hauser's mother, wrote in the caption of a photo on Instagram. "A newspaper called him 'Montana's greatest captain of industry, former chief executive, pioneer trailblazer, eminent financier, distinguished citizen and one of the choice and master spirits of the age.' Good stuff! Family!"

Warner is always praising Hauser and her other family on Instagram, sharing all types of looks into their lives and behind the scenes. Her Yellowstone visit just allows those posts to take on a more interesting light due to the familiar faces.

She even shared a photo of Hauser and herself alongside co-star Forrie J. Smith while on hand for a charity event in Houston, Texas. "Puckering up for a kiss from Rip! And fine Forrie Smith, the real deal cowboy and natural actor next to me on my other side! What a night raising money for homeless pets in Houston, Texas! Life is grande!" she wrote in the caption.


The happy moments help to define the production and success of Yellowstone as it heads into its fifth season. With the first teaser trailer dropping during the VMAs at the end of August, the countdown to the "supersized" season has begun. The show is promising big happenings right from the start, and continues on for 14 episodes.

Yellowstone season 5 will premiere on Sunday, Nov. 13, on Paramount Network. Fans can also stream prior seasons on Peacock.