Late Night Hosts Roast Roy Moore's Horse Ride

The late night talk show hosts had a field day with Roy Moore's arrival at the polls yesterday. The Alabama senate hopeful showed up to vote on the back of of a horse, which he says is named "Sassy."

Colbert in particular loved the horse, and got as much comedy out of it as he could. Since they recorded the show before the polls closed Colbert couldn't comment on the results. He did, however, employ some of his famous pantomimes, pretending to ride a horse back and forth across the stage crying "Hi-yo, Sassy!" Colbert also addressed Moore directly, saying "Hello you, and the horse you rode in on."

Colbert went on to other issues concerning Moore, who lost the Alabama senate seat to Democratic challenger Doug Jones. Colbert played clips from Moore's final campaign rally, where there were more than a few awkward moments.

Moore's wife stood at the podium and addressed the claims that she and her husband are bigots head on, saying "one of our attorneys is a Jew."

Of course, Colbert couldn't let that slide. It wasn't lost on the comedian that this comment was made on the first day of Hanukkah, either.

"Jewish girls know, Roy will show up at your Bat Mitzvah," Colbert said.

Jimmy Kimmel also got on air last night in a take-no-prisoners mood. "Young girls love ponies, I guess," he said of Moore's horse.

Kimmel later got to another clip from Moore's rally, which Colbert had also covered. It was part of a speech given by an old friend of Moore's from the military. The man tells a story about he and Moore going out one night while deployed in Vietnam. They arrived at what turned out to be a brothel, full of girls he says were probably "very young," and the man says that Moore left once he realized what it was.


"Wow," Kimmel said sarcastically, "so he is a hero." The late night host later added: "That's like defending O.J. by saying 'I was in a room with him once, he didn't kill anyone.'"

Moore's loss was a crippling blow to the Republicans, who were counting on his vote to help move their policies along in the senate. Tonight, the talk shows will undoubtedly have another slew of jokes concerning Moore's defeat.