'Clone High' Revival Coming From MTV

A cult classic will make its grand return as MTV announced that it would be reviving Clone High. The animated sitcom received the good news in a press release put out by the company on Monday, revealing that the show's original creators, Phil Lord, Chris Miller and Bill Lawrence, would all be returning.

The series has a short run on the network when it first made its debut in 2002. Thirteen episodes in total spanned into 2003. The show's unique concept focuses on teenage clones of famous historical characters. The core of these figures included Abe Lincoln, Joan of Arc, Gandhi, JFK, and Cleopatra Smith, a clone of the iconic Egyptian ruler. In terms of voice talent, Will Forte was behind Lincoln's voice. Forte also worked with Lord and Miller on The Last Man on Earth. Nicole Sullivan, Michael McDonald, Chris Miller and Christa Miller also lent their voices to the main cast. MTV has not revealed if any of the original cast will return.

Erica Rivinoja will lead the charge overseeing the project, per a press release. She was a part of the original series and has since done work on South Park, among other ventures. Chris McCarthy, the President of ViacomCBS' Entertainment and Youth Group, said that the company is "thrilled to reunite" with the original minds behind the series. According to McCarthy, the new iteration will do its best to "re-imagine this cult classic as we rapidly grow our portfolio of beloved and iconic adult animation series."

When MTV axed the show, a backlash had previously followed the program regarding the depiction of Gandhi. Onlookers often cite this controversy as one of the reasons for its removal at the time, as Indians eventually discovered the show's portrayal, though it never aired in the country. Hunger-strike protests ensued, and the show was virtually wiped out from that point on. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Miller spoke about that situation, revealing they were ordered not to talk about the scandal for years after the fact. "I guess not all publicity is good publicity," he joked, before calling it a "crazy" experience. The creators admitted they wish they could have handled the character better than they did.

The news of Clone High returning adds yet another classic animated series to the list of MTV titles making their grand returns. Comedy Central will be reviving Beavis and Butthead, along airing with a spinoff of Daria called Jodie.