Clayne Crawford: Former 'Lethal Weapon' Star Sets TV Return in Hulu's 'Into the Dark'

Clayne Crawford is returning to TV.The former Lethal Weapon star will play a role on an upcoming [...]

Clayne Crawford is returning to TV.

The former Lethal Weapon star will play a role on an upcoming episode of Hulu's horror anthology series, Into the Dark, marking his acting job since leaving the Fox action drama.

As first reported by TVLine, Crawford will appear in the June episode titled "They Come Knocking." The actor will play a recent widower who takes his two daughters on a road trip where he finds his family in the crosshairs of "terrifying supernatural entities."

Into The Dark – a 12-part series released monthly by the streaming service — episodes typically revolve around holidays contained within the month in which they air. The cast for Crawford's episode will also include Josephine Langsford, Robyn Lively, Lia McHugh and Dwight Hicks.

The new role comes after Crawford's Lethal Weapon character, Martin Riggs, was written off the show after the actor was fired for allegedly creating a toxic work environment during production of the second season.

Much of the controversy involved Crawford's working relationship with co-star Damon Wayans, who once tweeted a photo of an on-set injury he suffered during production of a Crawford-directed episode. Many fans of the series still blame Wayans for the actor's firing.

He defended himself in a previous statement, saying, "It is true that I have been reprimanded twice during the past two seasons of Lethal Weapon. The first reprimand was because I reacted with anger over working conditions that did not feel safe or conducive to good work under the leadership of a guest director and assistant director, who, in turn, were angry at my response. I met with human resources, I apologized for my part of the conflict, and I completed studio appointed therapy in October. I even shared a sizeable portion of my paycheck with one of the parties involved, per the instruction of the studio."

"The second reprimand happened just a few weeks ago during the episode I was directing. An actor on set felt unsafe because a piece of shrapnel from an effect hit him. It was an unfortunate event that happened in spite of all precautions and procedures being followed. I take responsibility for the incident, because I was in charge of the set," Crawford added.

"It takes a village, and I am incredibly sorry if my passion for doing good work has ever made anyone feel less than comfortable on set or feel less than celebrated for their efforts. Furthermore, I apologize to all the crew and cast for any negative attention Lethal Weapon is receiving because of these incidents," Crawford added.

The series introduced Seann William Scott as Wesley Cole, Riggs' replacement after his death in the Season 2 finale. The series was again caught in controversy when Wayans appeared to announce he would also be leaving the show after the December episodes, though he remained on the series until the Season 3 finale in February.

Lethal Weapon has not been renewed for a fourth season at Fox. The first six installments of Into the Dark are now available to stream on Hulu.