Christie Brinkley Posts Classic National Lampoon's 'Vacation' Ferrari Photos, but Fans See No Arm Cast

Christie Brinkley was named one of the contestants on this season of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, but before the first episode was filmed, the model and actress revealed she had to withdraw from the competition over an injury and be replaced by her daughter, Sailor. Brinkley, who fell during rehearsals and broke her arm was seen shortly after with a cast on the arm. But on Wednesday night, Brinkley posted a series of photos to her Instagram that showed her all smiles and cast-free.

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Fans quickly noticed the lack of any sort of cast and were quick to ask about it.

“Was this filmed before you broke your arm?,” one questioned. Brinkley responded, writing, “yes thankfully otherwise I never would’ve natural to drive the stick shift!”

The 65-year-old actress and model posted two photos of her with a vintage red Ferrari. The images are a callback to her role in the classic 1983 comedy National Lampoon’s Vacation. The third photo shows Brinkley in front of her trailer on the set of The Goldbergs. She reprised her Vacation role for the season premiere of The Goldbergs, which aired Wednesday night. In the episode, the family embarks on a cross-country road trip to Disneyland, not unlike the Griswolds journey to Wally World in the movie. Brinkley pops up along the way in her Ferrari and flirts with Pops.

Brinkley seemed excited to play “The Girl in the Ferrari” 36 years later. On Instagram, a fan asked, “Did it feel the same as the first time?” To which Brinkley responded, “It felt great to Join the Goldbergs in paying homage to The original hilarious film!”


It should feel good for fans to see Brinkley in such good spirits following her DTWS injury. She explained the injury to PEOPLE, and it sounded awful. "The second I landed, I felt the shards in my arm. Like, I literally felt it in my wrist, and I just instantly looked up and said, 'I'm so sorry, I broke my arm.' There's a little bone at the thumb that usually posts one way. Mine was in the opposite direction. Then there was a bone, just it, it was just shattered into a thousand little pieces, just a million of little pieces."

Despite some people claiming that Brinkley faked the injury, she actually required surgery to insert a plate and screws into her broken arm. While she’s on the mend, fans can watch her daughter perform on DTWS on Monday night’s at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. Sailor's first performance was a show-stopper.