Chrissy Metz Addresses 'This Is Us' Spinoff Speculation (Exclusive)

While it's hard to believe that This Is Us ended its six-season run this past May, fans have come to realize they don't want to watch TV without the Pearson family. With so many taking to social media to express their grief over television's monumental loss, the series finale opened up discussion among fans for a possible spinoff series. But could it ever really come to fruition? Though showrunner Dan Fogelman admitted to Entertainment Tonight that he was "pretty set" on the series finale, Chrissy Metz — who played Kate Pearson — told exclusively that wherever the creator goes with the show, she'll follow.

"It's so funny. Everybody asks that and part of me is like, 'Yes, of course, I would!' I always want to see more of something I love. We can never get enough of what we like," Metz told PopCulture. "But I don't know if there needs to be some time in between. If there's a reunion show, or even if there's a spinoff of a character who knew one of the Pearsons or something, that could be really cool."

This Is Us – Season 6
(Photo: NBC / NBC Universal)

Metz adds that if things do come into manifestation for fans of a spinoff, just "maybe" the cast "could guest star here and there," touting the idea "kind of fun". Projecting an idea of what audiences could see, Metz shares how it could be about a child at the school Kate taught at. "Who knows? But honestly, whatever Dan does, I'm there for. I just adore him and think the world of him," she said.

Sharing how the show has been a humbling honor for her over six seasons, Metz adds that one of the most fulfilling parts of playing Kate Pearson has been "connecting with people in a very real way" over the multigenerational story. "It's not just like, 'Oh, hey, oh my gosh, I know you're on TV!' It's telling these really deep stories of their experiences and their lives, and how the show has impacted each one of those," she said. "I literally cried with people in the chip aisle at the grocery store, or in the bathrooms, or at the airport, wherever people are — that is so special to me. That is why actors — at least for me — is why I wanted to relate to people and I wanted to connect to people and feel the things that I feel when I watch a TV show or a movie or listen to a song. So that is unreal, it's so amazing."

Metz adds how a woman once talked to her in the chip aisle of the grocery store, sharing her relation to the series with adoption. "She was like, 'I didn't know what to do. I didn't know how to raise him in that way, and the show helped me. I mean, I can't even tell you," she said humbled by the moment.

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