Chrissy Metz Teases New Music Ahead of City Winery Tour (Exclusive)

After wrapping up six seasons as Kate Pearson on This Is Us on NBC this past spring, award-winning actress Chrissy Metz is looking ahead to a rather musical future. In an exclusive with to talk about her partnership with Capital One Auto Navigator, the multitalented recording performer shared how after two years debilitated by a pandemic, she's finally releasing new music this year and will tease a number of fresh tracks on her upcoming seven-city tour kicking off Aug. 9 in Washington, D.C. to Sept. 1 in Nashville, Tennessee.

"There is a ton of new music — I'm so excited to share," Metz told PopCulture. "It's been a long time coming. It's like you're about to — you're off the blocks ready to race and it was a false start, and you're like, 'Oh cool. Cool,' and that's sort of how the last two years have really felt, I'm sure, for everybody." Adding how "grateful" she is to be able to even just share music, Metz said it was a chapter in her life she wanted so "desperately" to move forward with. "I was like, 'Whatever it takes, let's go!' And so the songs, we just recorded, [there are] about five new ones that I'll be playing [on tour]."

Metz, who spends a lot of her time in Nashville writing and recording music under the EMI Nashville label, is excited about the tour kicking off this month. The intimate setting of City Winery — with tours in Washington, Philadelphia, New York, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta and Tennessee — offers fans the perfect ambiance for the performer's warm, easy-going presence and storytelling to match her soulfully, fun and relatable music. Teasing how there "may or may not be a little nod to a show" she was on, Metz reveals singing the collection of songs that she will is something she is most "excited" about. "Couple covers that are my favorite [will be featured], but most of the show will be new music, and the band's amazing, and I just can't wait," she said.

With Metz dipping her toe in the waters to see what the appetite is for her musical style, Metz hopes people are "hungry" for more of her music. "Of course, I'd love to tour everywhere, everywhere!" she said. "That is definitely something I want to do, and on the bucket list, but we'll see. You never know!"

As a multi-hyphenated talent, Metz juggles her roles as actor and singer with the utmost charm. But while they are very distinct and different, the 41-year-old says they are both one and the same in many regards. "I want to tell stories and I want to make people feel things," she said. "Music was really my first love, and some people don't know that. Just like some people are like, 'Oh, you're funny. I didn't know you're funny!' I'm like, 'I don't just sit around and cry all the time!' I don't see it that way. So I'm just excited to show other facets of me and my personality because people have really gotten to know Kate [from This Is Us], but now they get to know me, so I'm excited about that."

While fans will get to see and hear more from the singer this summer as she navigates a new journey outside of TV, Metz has partnered with Capital One Auto Navigator as a way to help consumers learn more about the ease of car buying with the right tools — something she is "grateful" about in hearing how consumers and fans are connecting with her on the collaboration. "I think it's really important to be authentic and honest and for me it just made sense," she said. "When you start a new chapter you're starting something new, or you're in the market for a new car, it can be very overwhelming and intimidating, and seemingly insurmountable, and I get those feelings."

Sharing how in any particular case Capital One Auto Navigator helps consumers through a digital tool that can provide all the information necessary before even heading to a dealership, Metz says all of it just "makes sense," which is a helpful way to get around a major purchase moment without anxiety. "I'm all about things making sense and anything that can make our lives easier, especially when we're going into a situation that seems very uncertain," she said. "I know that car buying can feel very intimidating and if you can empower yourself with all the information, you know what you want, you can pre-qualify, it doesn't affect your credit score, all through our digital tool on the app, it's like a no-brainer. So, I just think it's wonderful and for me, easy and very accessible."

Being equally user-friendly while removing the dread, Capital One Auto Navigator allows car buyers to pre-qualify for financing with no impact on their credit score, shop millions of cars from thousands of participating dealerships nationwide, and see their real rate and monthly payment, all in one place and before visiting a dealer. Car buyers can visit Capital One's official website for more information or download the iOS or Android for more information.

Chrissy Metz can be seen live in concert this summer, starting Aug. 9 in Washington, D.C. For tickets, head to her official site for further details, and for more with the singer/songwriter, stick to for the latest in music, TV and movie news.