'Chicago Med': Will's Return From Witness Protection Sparks Tension With Natalie

Chicago Med left Will Halstead's long witness protection stint offscreen, though his return to the [...]

Chicago Med left Will Halstead's long witness protection stint offscreen, though his return to the hospital will bring some new drama to his relationship.

After the NBC medical drama ended its 2018 run with Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVitto) watching Will (Nick Gehlfuss) be driven away by the FBI protective custody, and retroactively leaving her at the altar. The new episode, titled "All The Lonely People," returns some time after the events of the fall finale, with agent Lee going to the hospital to let Natalie know that Will is coming back to Chicago.

Lee warns Natalie that due to the traumatic experience of being held at gunpoint and then being in hiding and assuming a different identity for some time, Will might struggle adjusting to his former life in Chicago. Natalie seems happy with the news, but also has some hesitation to be excited for her fiancé's return.

Natalie then must work to save a pregnant woman with a dangerous brain aneurysm that could burst when she goes into early labor. The woman dies after her aneurysm bursts, but Natalie manages to save the baby when she performs an emergency surgery.

The mother gives birth to a baby girl, and she is quickly sent to the NICU as she is two months premature. Natalie apologizes to the man's husband, Phillip (Ian Harding).

After the trauma, Natalie is surprised in the ER when she finds Will in a trauma room. The conversation is the first time that they have spoken since their failed wedding. Natalie says that despite being angry at him for a long time for what happened, she admits she missed her fiance and the pair share a sweet kiss.

As Natalie returns to work, the series shows Will acting strange when he interacts with the other doctors. He seems jumpy when Ethan (Brian Tee) tries to talk to him in the doctor's lounge and it seems as though it will take time before Will can be himself again.

Things take a turn after Natalie and Will get home, when the couple is discussing how to move on and bring things back to normal. The subject of possibly rescheduling the wedding also comes up before Natalie is shocked to see Will is carrying a concealed weapon.

The couple disagrees about whether it is safe for Will to have the weapon in the same house as Natalie's young son. Will tries to say that the gun can keep them safe, considering everything that he has been through, but Natalie refuses to listen. She ends the conversation that he cannot sleep in the house if he keeps the weapon.

Will Natalie and Will find their way back to their former selves? Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.