'Chicago Med' Fans Fear Consequences of Will's Secrets

Will Halstead's secret commitment to the FBI is getting to him, and his refusal to tell his fiancee about it has fans fearing trouble for their favorite couple.

Will (Nick Gehlfuss) has been caught in the middle of a federal investigation against a patient for a few episodes, with Tuesday's seeing the man getting in trouble with both parties after he orders Ray Burke to go into the hospital for an MRI.

At the beginning of the episode, the doctor convinces Ray and his sons to take him to the hospital for the test, as he fears he might be experiencing a stroke. The men are hesitant since Ray has a big meeting and bridge game with some friends — likely a mob-related event — that they cannot miss. Will convinces them that the test can take only an hour if they do it fast, meaning they can make their meeting.

At the hospital, Natalie (Torrey DeVitto) wonders with Maggie (Marlyne Barrett) if Will has been acting strange lately, but Maggie credits the stress to them getting married soon.

Just before Ray arrives, Will is confronted by his FBI handler and he tells him that he has to call off the test, as the bridge game could be the event that brings Ray down. Will tells her that he has a duty as a doctor to perform the test, and that's more important than her investigation. She retaliates by threatening Will that she can make his life "a living hell."

"Will listen to the damn FBI..." one Twitter user wrote.

"Woman or not I'm hoping someone locked that FBI agent out!" another user commented.

"You need to listen to the FBI Will. You can't get even more involved with the bad guys," third one said.

Things get more complicated after the hospital calls a code orange and Ray is locked inside the hospital from the toxic chemical crisis.

Will gets distracted helping to treat the patients of the toxic attack outside the hospital, but is interrupted by Ray's sons. They are angry at the doctor because his father is trapped inside the hospital, and Will says he can't do anything about it because the hospital's other floors are on lockdown.

The conversation is interrupted after Ethan (Brian Tee) collapses from his contact to the toxic chemical.

Will then sees his brother Jay (Jesse Lee Soffer) outside the hospital and he tells him that since Ray was locked in the hospital, the feds missed their shot at catching him performing legal activities, and that it is Will's fault. The doctor says he doesn't regret putting his patient's needs above the criminal investigation, and as Jay walks away Will starts to feel a pain in his stomach.

As he sees Ray and his sons leave with angry looks on their faces, Will starts to collapse, as Natalie runs toward him. He starts to cough up blood and the two seem concerned for his well-being.

Later, Natalie tells her fiance that he has an ulcer, and despite her asking him if he is stressed about something or if he's keeping a secret, he denies anything is going on.

Will's reluctance to tell Natalie comes from his desire to not implicate her in the FBI investigation and to keep her safe, though some fans were concerned that Natalie might call off their wedding when she eventually finds out what Will is doing.


"Will needs to tell Natalie the truth before it's too late," one user wrote.

Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.