'Chicago Fire': Emily Foster Considers a Career Change

Just as she was finding her footing on the Chicago Fire team, Emily Foster got an interesting offer to return to her former life during the firefighter drama's fall finale.

During "Always A Catch," Foster (Annie Ilonzeh) and Brett (Kara Killmer) assisted the firefighters as they responded to a serious multiple vehicle accident that left Cruz's (Joe Minoso) girlfriend in serious condition.

As the doctors worked on the girl, Brett and Foster volunteered to go on a sandwich run. Outside of the hospital runs into an old colleague from her time as a medical student.

The woman reveals that she was promoted to Dean of Northwestern University and tells Emily she was the one dissenting vote when the boarded voted to expel her from medical school after she was caught cheating on her exams.

She said she understood that she was going through a rough patch and trying to take care of her mother. After the conversation, the woman tells Emily she should consider re-enrolling in the medicine program and she would secure a spot for her. She would have to repeat a few years, but she would get back on track to her previous goal of becoming a doctor.

Brett overhears the conversation and Emily asks her what she thinks. Brett simply says it's a big opportunity and she should definitely think about it.

Later, Brett and Emily are involved in a high-pressure emergency call where they are forced to take a boy who is quickly bleeding out back to Med.

While riding back to the hospital a truck accidentally drops its load on the street and the ambulances' tires explode. The twist forces Brett to stop another driver and take his truck so they can finish driving the boy as quickly as they can.

Despite the setbacks, Brett and Emily's teamwork help get them to the hospital in time for the boy to get treatment from the doctors.

That night, Emily finds Boden (Eamonn Walker) at the bar and says he got a call from the Dean. He reveals that after the discussion with her, her gave the woman a stellar recommendation of Emily's work ethic.

Emily, however, reveals to the chief that she has different plans for her future.

"The thing is, I've already decided," Emily says. "I'm going to decline the offer."

"I went to med school for all the wrong reasons. And, it was every man for himself. It was cutthroat and I was holding the knife with the rest of them. Except, it ate me up inside... then I came here and everyone was like, it's a family at 51, and I thought 'there's a catch, there's always a catch.' Except there wasn't."

She added: "Not one I can see. And I realized something. I like myself here. It is a family."


Boden tells her: "And you are a part of it." The sweet moment ends with Boden telling the barkeep that she drinks on him tonight in celebration of her staying for good.

Chicago Fire will return with new episodes Wednesday, Jan. 9 on NBC.