'Cheers' Creator Says Cast Too Old for Revival

Don't expect a Cheers revival series anytime soon.

Creator James Burrows, who also directed episodes of beloved sitcoms Frasier, Friends and Taxi, was asked of the possibility of seeing the show return, given the success of other revivals like Roseanne and Fuller House.

TMZ asked Burrows as he left Michael's restaurant in New York City what he thought about the success of Roseanne in the ratings, which he said he loved and hoped they bring back all of the classic sitcoms.

However, when asked which of his series he'd want to see back, he said none.

"The cast is too old, how about that," Burrows said as the interviewer asked him why.

Actress Shelley Long, who played Diane Chambers on the beloved sitcom, dispelled rumors about a Cheers reunion in late 2017.

The actress told ABC News she doesn't think "anybody on the Cheers cast would want to do that again. We were blessed enough to have each other and to have those writers, and Jimmy Burrows, who produced and directed."

Long also said at the time that a reunion would leave fans disappointed.

"I think the cast would feel like... 'We did this and we did it in a way that astounded all of us,'" she stated. "I'm still astounded."

Long went on to praise those who worked behind the scenes and helped create the magic that was Cheers.

"They were all geniuses. It was just an amazing collection of super talented people. I don't know how that happens or why it happens, but it really was something special," Long said.

The Roseanne reboot was the hit ABC expected it to be, scoring more than 25 million total viewers (counting DVR viewers) for its first episode. The second week also proved a win for the series as it remained strong with 15 million total viewers.

Brand and marketing expert Ali Craig weighed in on the series' success exclusively with PopCulture.com, saying that the first episode being so politically focused was a big contributor to its ratings success.


"Love-or-hate Roseanne or love-or-hate Trump, the truth is Trump brings in big ratings," Craig told PopCulture.com. "No matter what side you are on, you have a huge opinion about it... Roseanne's smart in the sense that this is the first comedy, and first TV Show, honestly, that is speaking to the pro-Trump, as well as to the other side, in an irreverent kind of way."

If not Cheers, we're waiting anxiously for the next revival announcement.