CBS Reviving Show After Three Failed Attempts: What to Know About 'Einstein'

German procedural 'Einstein' premiered in 2017 and ran for three seasons.

CBS is looking to revive a show after previous failed attempts. According to Deadline, the network is developing a new take on the German procedural Einstein with Andy Breckman and Randy Zisk. Premiering in 2017, the series centers on the unknown great-great-grandson of Albert Einstein, who inherited the genius of Einstein and works at a university. At the same time, he suffers from Huntington's Chorea and is recruited by the police commissioner to work as an independent consultant to investigate murder cases in order to not end up in prison for violations of the Narcotics Act.

In 2018, NBC was developing an Einstein series from Michael Reisz and Carol Mendelsohn but it never moved forward. The following year, Beckman and Zisk developed a different version of the show for CBS, which again, did not follow through. In 2020, CBS decided to try again with Lauren Gussis and Corinne Brinkerhoff for a gender-swapped version of the show with a new perspective on policing on the heels of George Floyd's killing. Again, that did not work out. The reasons why they never worked out are unknown, but it's possible that the plots or costs just didn't line up at the time.

With yet another version in the works, it's hard to tell how this will pan out, especially since it was tried three previous times. Since Breckman and Zisk are trying again, it shows they are ones to not give up so easily. The duo will be serving as executive producers, with Breckman writing and Zisk directing. CBS Studios will produce in association with Red Arrow Studios International. Intrigue Entertainment's Tariq Jalil serves as executive producer and was also part of the previous attempts for Einstein's revival.

Since the 2024-25 season is already locked in, Einstein will likely be in contention for the 2025-26 season if the pilot moves forward. Revivals and reboots are always a hit or miss, and since Einstein already had previous failed attempts, it's hard to tell how things will go this time around. If this attempt also fails, it's possible that might be the last chance Einstein has to make it as a revival in the States. You never know what could happen, though. There's a reason CBS is always willing to try; perhaps this will finally be the series they've been looking for.