CBS Possibly Reviving 'Northern Exposure' With Original Star Rob Morrow

Dr. Joel Fleischman may be returning to the small town of Cicely, Alaska.According to The [...]

Dr. Joel Fleischman may be returning to the small town of Cicely, Alaska.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, CBS is moving forward with a reboot of its 1990s dramedy Northern Exposure, with series star Rob Morrow and creators Joshua Brand and John Falsey attached.

Written by Brand, the reboot is said to be a continuation of the original series that would see Morrow's Dr. Joel Fleischman returning to Cicely, Alaska following the death of an old friend. Once there, he will reunite with former neighbors and friends and meet a new set of quirky characters.

Northern Exposure, originally airing on the network from 1990 to 1995, followed Fleischman, a recent graduate of Columbia University medical school, who was assigned to work in the tiny and remote Alaskan town of Cicely to pay for his education. Although he initially craved to return to the bustle of New York, the people of Cicely slowly began to grow on him.

During its 110-episode run, the series received a total of 57 award nominations, winning a total of 27, including the 1992 Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series, two additional Primetime Emmy Awards, four Creative Arts Emmy Awards, and two Golden Globes.

Talk of a Northern Exposure reboot has been floating around for years, with Ed Chigliak actor Darren E. Burrows having even attempted to crowdfund new episodes. At the 2017 ATX Television Festival in Austin, the cast and crew reunited to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the former CBS series' premiere. Once again, talk of a reboot surfaced.

"We would love it. [Rob Morrow] has been working, trying to get them to do it…I'm sure we all would agree that we'd love to see it," Brand said, according to Deadline. "It's of a time, but it's also not of a time."

"It sounds like we all want it to happen," Cynthia Geary, who played Shelly Tambo, added.

Should the project move forward, it would join a number of other revival and reboots in development at CBS, including Murphy Brown, Magnum P.I., S.W.A.T., MacGyver, and Hawaii Five-0. Other networks have also joined the reboot and revival bandwagon, with ABC recently reviving Roseanne, which has since transformed into The Conners. Other across development in the TV landscape include The Hills on MTV, Designing Women at ABC, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Veronica Mars on Hulu.

Along with Morrow, the cast included Barry Corbin, Janine Turner, John Cullum, Elaine Miles and the late Peg Phillips. It is not currently known which cast members aside from Morrow are slated to return.