'Ghosts' Star Rebecca Wisocky Teases Trevor's Pantless 'Saga' in Upcoming Episodes (Exclusive)

Ghosts has continuously delivered the laughs since its premiere this past October. But while the show is heading on a mini-break until new episodes return to CBS in February, series star Rebecca Wisocky teases there will be some exciting developments for the house ghosts in the next episodes. While chatting with PopCulture.com about the new episode airing Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on CBS, Wisocky said one of the biggest storylines audiences have been itching to know more about will finally transpire but with an unexpected twist.

"People keep on asking about Trevor [played by Asher Grodman] and his pants," Wisocky laughed. "I feel like it's safe for me to tease that you will find out — the stories, the saga of Trevor and his thighs. You will find out why he's pantless." Wisocky further revealed that there will be a "relative" of Hetty's that plays into the missing pants. "A descendant of mine was in the room when it happened," she said before giving pause. "So, yeah."

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Stating the "house is chock-full of secrets" that are "hiding in plain sight," Wisocky suddenly goes mum. "That's all I'm going to say," she laughs. "Of course, I mean, thank goodness that it is. There are just countless ways that we can move forward with more storylines and finding out more about these people and what they want, if they ever change, really. I think that there's a theme here of legacy and feeling stuck as to whether or not any of our lives actually mattered. And perhaps looking for those things in all the wrong places, and I think that's a theme that unites all of the ghosts."

Hoping to see her character evolve throughout the season, Wisocky adds she would love for the Victorian matriarch to "experience love one day," especially in light of her philandering robber baron husband Elias (Matt Walsh). "We've come to see a lot of what she wants and what she regrets not having and not feeling empowered to go get while she has the capacity to do so. I think she lived in a home in which her husband loved every living thing in town except for her."

While Ghosts has yet to be picked up for Season 2, the casts and writers of the CBS sitcom have nothing to fear. The show has been one of the biggest freshman hits of the 2021-2022 season, with ratings that climb each week consistently. Co-starring alongside a cast of hilariously creative stars, writers, and producers, Wisocky said she is humbled to be a part of the show that has become a fast favorite among audiences. "I would be delighted to play this character for years and years and years. I think we all feel that way," she said, adding how she often pinches herself over the fan response. "It's a wonderful family. Every time something new happens, we're amazed, and yet it feels inevitable at the same time. I think there's so much room for these ghosts to bend and change and grow and yet still remain adorably and hysterically themselves."

Commenting on how the show approaches the afterlife with a humanistic approach through humor and heart, Wisocky acknowledges how episodes like "Pete's Wife" exemplify how much emotion goes into the writing and performances from her co-stars. "But that's a great recipe when that feels organic — when there's real pathos," she said. "I feel like the audience has come to really know and love us and anticipate who we are and have an investment in who we are. There's an enjoyment in watching someone step into the same puddle of mud every time and just not get it right."

Adding how she is so "grateful" to the audience for tuning in every week and those who were fans of the original BBC version because, as Wisocky says, it's all about doing them right with stories that are sharply unique, fresh and funny. "Because we're all fans of the original show. So it's a double blessing," she said, adding how she watched "every single" episode of the British sitcom. "I love their version [and] I love the way ours departs from theirs. It's such a wonderful idea and concept and world that they've created and it's translated so nicely for all the idiosyncrasies and foibles of American history."


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