Enter the World of Stephen King with New 'Castle Rock' Teaser

This year has been full of a variety of different Stephen King adaptations, with a new King-inspired series, Castle Rock, coming to Hulu next year to continue the excitement. You can check out the first look teaser for the series above.

The series is described as a psychological-horror series that spins a saga of darkness and light played out in a few miles of Maine woodland set in King's multiverse. The fictional Maine town of Castle Rock has featured prominently in several of Kings' works, including Cujo, IT and The Dark Half. Castle Rock will dive into themes and worlds that bring the King canon together.

What makes the series so exciting is that, rather than a direct adaptation of any specific Stephen King story, Castle Rock will get to take the concept of King's shared universe and the town that has become an integral part of so many stories to tell all-new tales of terror and mystery.

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As if the mere concept of the new series wasn't exciting enough, the series is already bringing together veterans from other King adaptations to play all-new characters.

Sissy Spacek starred in the first adaptation of a King story with Carrie, where she plays a teen tormented by her classmates, unleashing her telekinetic abilities on them to get revenge. In the series, Spacek plays Ruth Deaver, the estranged adoptive mother of Henry Deaver, a retired professor whose fading memories may hold a key to Castle Rock's unsettling past.

Last month, the latest adaptation of IT broke a slew of box office records, making it one of the most successful King movies of all time. In the film, Bill Skarsgård starred as Pennywise, a form of a monstrous entity that lurks the town of Derry, ME. In Castle Rock, Skarsgård plays a young man with an unusual legal problem.

The series also stars Andre Holland, Melanie Lynskey, Scott Glenn and Terry O'Quinn.


Be on the lookout for Castle Rock to hit Hulu in 2018.