Candace Cameron Bure Reunites With 'Full House' Love Interest Scott Weinger

Candace Cameron Bure basked in the reunion with her longtime Full House love interest, Scott Weinger. Cameron Bure starred on the iconic sitcom as D.J. Tanner, the eldest daughter of the Tanner bunch. The show aired from 1987 to 1995. Weinger starred as D.J.'s boyfriend on the series, Steven. He began appearing on the show in a recurring role in season 5. By seasons 6 and 7,, he became a main character, and even made an appearance in the series finale. 

Cameron Bure captioned a selfie of the two to her Instagram, "Scott and Candace. Steve and D.J. Either way, my heart is full," she wrote alongside a green heart emoji. "We're cooking up something good." Weinger shared the same photo with a different caption. "So much fun hanging with my favorite DJ [candacecbure] – Talked for hours, felt like minutes," he wrote alongside two red heart emojis.

Weinger also returned for the Netflix reboot, Fuller House. In Season 1, Weiner is a recurring character. His character is bumped up to a regular in season 2.  

The reunion was a lighter one, considering the cast has been mourning the unexpected passing of the Tanner family matriarch, Bob Saget. Saget was found dead in his Orlando hotel room in January. He was in the area on a stop on his standup comedy tour. Up until his death, Cameron Bure and Saget maintained a close relationship, as Saget also appeared in Fuller House.

She mourned the loss of her beloved TV dad on Instagram. "I love you sooooo much. I don't want to say goodbye," she wrote in part with a broken heart emoji. "35 years wasn't long enough." In one of the photos, the two are hugging in what looks like a behind-the-scenes photo. In another, Saget's character Danny Tanner is preparing to walk Cameron Bure's character DJ down the aisle in Fuller House


Saget reportedly died from blunt force trauma from the head. Its suspected that he hit hit head on the bathroom floor of his hotel room and went to sleep afterward. Cameron Bure attended his funeral, as well as several other co-stars.