Caitlyn Jenner Lashes out at Piers Morgan for 'Disrespectful' Joke

Tempers flashed in Piers Morgan's recent interview of Caitlyn Jenner. The one-time Olympian appeared on an episode of Life Stories on ITV that will air tomorrow, but the interview wasn't all pleasant retrospection.

"How does your physique compare now to what it was then? Obviously, certain areas, we know," the 52-year-old host joked, holding a doll that resembled Caitlyn before her transition.

"See, you made a comment there," Jenner replied, "and that's why you would get in trouble."

Jenner stopped the interview and took the time to put Morgan down for the remark. She made it clear that she wouldn't do the whole interview while tolerating little jabs throughout, and she explained to Morgan how high the stakes are for many trans people.

"I take that very seriously and so out of respect to myself and the community, it's not something that you joke about. This is serious stuff. People die over these issues. It's not a joke," she said.

Ultimately, Morgan conceded that he'd made a misstep, and reports say the rest of the interview goes on respectfully. Morgan and Jenner had a productive and "educational" conversation, turning to topics such as Jenner's relationship with her kids and ex-wife.

Jenner addressed her ongoing feud with Kris Jenner and the Kardashian sisters, who recently referenced Jenner's memoir again on their show. Kris mentioned on camera that she still felt the book was "mean-spirited."


The full interview will air Jan. 4 on ITV.