'Brooklyn Nine-Nine Showrunner Promises Epic Send-off for Chelsea Peretti

Gina Linetti (Chelsea Peretti) may be departing Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but showrunner Dan Goor [...]

Gina Linetti (Chelsea Peretti) may be departing Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but showrunner Dan Goor promises that she will go out with a bang.

Peretti announced that she would be stepping away from the beloved sitcom on Wednesday, in a series of tweets. Like her character, she kept things ambiguous, walking the line between sincere and sardonic like a well-tread path. Afterward, series co-creator and showrunner Dan Goor got online for a few more details about the exit.

"From the moment Mike Schur and I decided to create this show, we wanted Chelsea Peretti to be a part of it, and she always will be," he wrote. "She has brought so much to her amazing, hilarious, unique portrayal of Gina Linetti, which is not surprising since she is one of the funniest people in history."

Goor promised fans that Gina Linetti would leave the show Linetti-style — not just slip out quietly.

"We have tried really hard to create a storyline for her departure that lives up to a character who can only be described as 'The human embodiment of the 100 emoji.' While it's sad to see a member of the family leave, we are so proud of Chelsea and excited for what she does next."

Peretti has so many things planned next that it is hard to decipher which ones Goor might be referencing, or which ones could keep her off of the set of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. However, Goor's message hinted just as heavily as Peretti's did that this departure might not be permanent.

"Also, I know for a fact this isn't the last we'll see of Gina Linetti," Goor teased. "I mean, she got run over by a frickin' bus, and she only missed like a week of work."

Peretti's tweet also intimated that she could be back. She explained that she "won't be doing a full season," but "that doesn't mean I won't ever be back, [winky face emoji], [heart emoji]."

The actress has a whole host of projects coming up, including two movies in post-production — one called Friendsgiving, which is due out next year, and another called Spinster. She is also in the new season of Netflix's Big Mouth coming out later this week, along with some of the biggest names in comedy today.

On top of all of that, Peretti and her husband, Jordan Peele, are new parents. The couple welcomed their son, Beaumont Gino, just last summer, and the two have had very little downtime ever since, by all appearances.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is expected to return on NBC in early 2019.