Longtime 'Bold and the Beautiful' Star Joins 'General Hospital' in Huge Casting Shift

In huge soap opera cast news, a longtime The Bold and the Beautiful star has now joined General Hospital. According to Soap Opera Digest, Alley Mills, who has been with The Bold and the Beautiful for 15 years, has left the show for General Hospital. At this time, little is known about Mills' role on GH, as the producers are keeping a tight lip on any specifics.

Mills, 71, has been a working actress for nearly six decades. Throughout her career, she's appeared in a wide range of TV shows, such as The Waltons; Hill Street Blues; Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman; and Yes, Dear. She is most well-known as Arnold family matriarch Norma, in the original Wonder Years series, but since 2006 she has portrayed Pamela "Pam" Douglas in The Bold and the Beautiful. Currently, Mills does not appear to have commented on the casting news.

Back in 2018, Mills sat down with Soap Opera Digest to discuss her time on The Bold and the Beautiful, and share some of her most cherished moments and memories. When asked her favorite storyline up to that point, Mills revealed, "Probably going to the cabin to try and kill Donna by tying her in the chair and pouring honey all over her and letting the grizzly bear in. It doesn't really get any better than that. That whole storyline had great moments, like the scene of me popping the tea bag in my mouth in order to freak her out. If you don't remember, Pam was telling her how serious she was as a formidable stalker, as if trapping her in the tanning booth and putting green in her hair and gray on her teeth wasn't enough, right?"

She went on to say, "I love working with Jennifer Gareis [Donna] and I'm so happy with how that relationship has evolved since those days. Even when she was just coming back for the family weddings and holidays, the writers always tried to give Pam and Donna a little bit of business, even if it was just handing her a tissue because Donna always cries at weddings."


Mills also confessed who her favorite scene partner is, admitting, "Oh, my favorite person would be Susan [Flannery, ex-Stephanie]. I love her and I miss her so much. She could always make me laugh. I remember when Pam got her modest apartment, Susan said something like, 'Where the f— are you living? This is ridiculous. She should live in the Taj Mahal. She inherited all of Ann's money, so I'm sure she's richer than Eric. She's a Douglas; that was the money that started Forrester Creations. Where are the oil paintings from Dad? Where are the Tiffany plates?' I couldn't stop laughing." General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC, and is available to stream on Paramount+ for subscribers.