'Blue Bloods': Why Sami Gayle Took a Break From the Series in Season 10

Blue Bloods star Sami Gayle was a mainstay during Seasons 2 to 10 of the long-running show. However, she has been absent during the early stages of Season 11. But according to Country Living, Gayle never provided a specific reason for her departure at the end of Season 10. However, there were some factors that played a role. She spent time attending Columbia University, ultimately graduating while her character also attended fictitiously. Additionally, Gayle starred in the Netflix film Candy Jar.

Fans continue to hope that she will make a return to the series, especially after a recent teaser. A clip surfaced on Twitter that showed the Reagan family tree. The video highlighted each member and then showed them sitting at the weekly Sunday night dinner. Gayle's character was among this group. She sat at the table and offered suggestions for how to liven up the family.

Prior to the season, the Blue Bloods Instagram account posted a photo that showed Gayle's character smiling for the camera. "Only 5 days left! Who's ready to join Nicky and the rest of the Reagan family for the new season of [Blue Bloods?!]" The fans took this message as a positive sign that Gayle would appear in the upcoming season, but they were left disappointed by her absence.

"Wait did anyone notice what they said … NICKY IS BACK," one fan wrote in response to the teaser. Others joined in the conversation and said that they love the entire series, as well as all of the characters. They expressed a desire to see Gayle and the other actors on hand for many more episodes in the future.


The fans have continued to proclaim their love for Gayle's character and their desire to see her return in Season 11 while a prominent actor has joined them. Bridget Moynahan, who plays Erin Reagan, also expressed hope for Gayle's return. She also hinted at filming a scene with her fellow actor.

Moynahan said the cast "just saw" Gayle "last week for a family dinner scene" during an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com. This comment sparked excitement among fans, but she also noted that she is not sure what the writers have in store to bring Nicky back. "So hopefully she'll be coming back and doing something with us," Moynahan added.