'Blue Bloods': Longtime Friend Gives Frank Bad News in Treat Williams' Return

Treat Williams returned to Blue Bloods in this week's episode as Lenny, Commissioner Frank Reagan's longtime friend and former partner. Unfortunately, he did not have good news to deliver.

At the beginning of "Two-Faced," Lenny told Frank (Tom Selleck) a journalist is working on a Goodfellas-style expose on the New York Police Department called An Elephant Never Forgets with an interview of a gangster.

Lenny said the story will reveal that he looked the other way to let drugs into the city while he worked in narcotics during the 1980s. Although this was before he was Frank's partner, he wanted Frank to know about it so he could get his "house" in order.

The next day, Frank told Garrett (Gregory Jbara) and Gormley (Robert Clohessy) he needed to work on a response as soon as possible. Gormley thought the gangster who opened up was just trying to take a big shot at the NYPD before he dies and all the crimes he talked about have passed the statute of limitations. However, Frank knew there would be public backlash if everyone learned the commissioner's former partner was dirty at one point.

Later, Frank and Garrett met with the journalist, Jeremy Breen (Karl Kenzler), to find out who his source was for Lenny's dirt. They were surprised to learn that Lenny opened up and voluntarily confessed to looking the other way on crimes involving the gangster.

That night, Frank grilled Lenny on why he was back in New York. Frank thought he was taking one last tour of New York to see everyone he knows one last time before their opinions of him sour after the story was published. Amazingly, Lenny was not telling Breen the truth - he was really doing something heroic on one of the dates he claimed to be doing something dirty. Frank wanted to get to the bottom of this, but Lenny asked him to just let this go.

The next morning, Frank brought in Lenny to tell him there was a late police officer who was really working with the gangster. Frank was desperate to know why Lenny was lying to the journalist, but Lenny wanted Frank to drop it.

"You know what the problem with you is? You want to believe in the good in your people," Lenny told Frank. "That's your blind spot, Frank."

Lenny said he was friends with the officer and started an affair with the man's widow. He knew it was wrong, which was why he moved to Florida. Lenny did not want the officer to be revealed as a dirty cop.

The scandal could lead to Lenny losing his pension and would make it impossible for him to visit New York, but Lenny would not back down. He left the restaurant before one last exchange with Frank.

"I'll see you Frankie," Lenny said as he got up from the table. "Oh come on!"

"Not if I see you first," the two old friends said together.

Meanwhile, "Two-Faced" included A.D.A. Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) and Anthony (Steven Schirripa) investigated a doctor whose daughter died from his experimental testing. The doctor took all responsibility for what he did because he was trying to save her from a terminal illness.

Erin reminded the doctor that euthanizing a person was illegal in New York and said his estranged wife wanted him charged with murder. He said he would plead to anything because nothing that could happen to him could compare to the pain of watching his daughter die. Erin later brought the doctor's wife in, and afterwards said she was going to ask for manslaughter charge which would involve no jail time.

Detectives Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) and Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez) looked into the death of an up-and-coming artist.

Sgt. Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) and Officer Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray) learned there might be a corrupt officer in their precinct from a criminal with a long rap sheet. Eddie asked Jamie to investigate, but he called in internal affairs to look into it. After an investigation, it was discovered that Eddie's partner, Maya (Yasha Jackson) was swiping money from crime scenes, which was a shocker to Eddie.


New episodes of Blue Bloods airs on Fridays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.

Photo credit: CBS