'Blue Bloods' Fans Are Missing the Show on Fridays

Blue Bloods finished its ninth season last week, and fans are already feeling the void of its absence.

The 2018-2019 TV season is just about over, which means that many beloved shows are going away for a few months. For die-hard fans, this leaves a gaping hole in their week that used to be filled with a fresh installment of their favorite series. After the Blue Bloods season finale last week, many fans were left wondering what to do with their Friday nights.

"Not the same Friday night without Blue Bloods," one fan noted.

(Photo: Twitter @ArthurJamesMars2)

"I'm going to miss Blue Bloods [and] Very Scary People but can't wait for Wahlburgers tonight," added another, referencing star Donnie Wahlberg's other family business.

"Season 10 of Blue Bloods coming this fall. Can't wait," a third person wrote.

Many fans are especially anxious for the show to return after its surprising ending last week. The producers have promised a wedding between Jaime Reagan (Will Estes) and Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray) for weeks, but when the episode finally aired, no vows were said.

Instead, the season ended with a virtually normal episode, followed by a 10-minute scene for the rehearsal dinner and the wedding. The cameras faded to black before the characters could even say "I do."

Therefore, some fans expect Season 10 to begin with a proper wedding sequence in the fall. Many felt they were left hanging, especially because the show was advertised so heavily on promotional photos from the wedding scene.

"Disappointed that the whole wedding wasn't shown," one person tweeted.

"What a tease. We're still waiting to see the wedding and all we get are still photos of what we didn't see. How mean," added another.

"I was disappointed in last episode. I honestly expected to see more of the wedding. I love the show but you could have ended it when they said I do," a third user chimed in.


For the most part, Blue Bloods is far from a wedding-centric show. The series follows the legal drama of New York City from every side, including the police and district attorney's office. Still, after nine seasons many fans were excited to see that intimate moment between two characters, especially two with such on-screen chemistry as Jaime and Eddie.

Regardless, they are missing the show now that it's gone. Blue Bloods will be back this fall on CBS.