'Blue Bloods': Eddie and Jamie’s Relationship Takes Big Leap After Some Personal Discovery

Blue Bloods finally provided a storyline that showed development in Jamie and Eddie's relationship in this week's episode. The couple made a personal discovery after Eddie convinced Jamie to take a love language quiz. "The New You" also featured the results of Garrett's own personal discoveries, which clashed with Frank's own goals for his office.

Sgt. Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) and Officer Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray) started their story out of uniform, walking along the street. Eddie wanted to do something that Jamie wasn't interested in, but she urged him to do it anyway since a spouse should support the other's interests. At least, that's how Eddie sees marriage. Jamie argued that by this logic, she should support his interest in not doing the thing she wanted to do! "Doesn't work like that," Eddie said. "Didn't think so," Jamie admitted. Eddie suggested the two did not really know a lot about each other which is why they needed to this. The "this" at the center of the discussion was a love language quiz. Jamie thought it was silly, so he suggested Eddie take it herself.

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Later at the precinct, Jamie was shocked to find Eddie using the quiz to help solve a dispute between a couple. Jamie didn't like seeing Eddie "play Oprah" in an interrogation room. Eddie stood up for the idea, noting how the quiz solved the issue much faster than the bureaucracy could. "This is a police precinct! What's next, do I look fat in these jeans?" Jamie asked. Eddie was totally disgusted by this reaction. "I'm pretty sure your love language is physical touch, so here you go, lover," Eddie said before punching Jamie in the shoulder as she left the room.

Jamie clearly realized that his reaction was silly. So, he set up a romantic dinner in their apartment and it was ready when Eddie walked in. Jamie also started showering Eddie with compliments. She was confused a bit, especially as it looked like Jamie was getting everything wrong. It turns out he was testing her reaction to each kind of love language. This helped Eddie realize that her own love language is "words of affirmation." The two hugged, and Jamie then used the opportunity to say his was "acts of service." Before he could continue though, Eddie shut him up so he wouldn't ruin the moment.

While Jamie and Eddie were getting to know each other better, Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) spent most of the episode with another inter-office issue. DCPI Garrett Moore (Gregory Jbara) made a comment to the New York Post about how the NYPD needed to make some changes. Frank insisted he take it back, but Garrett refused. He said he was going on a personal journey to better himself by cutting out alcohol and losing weight. He also wanted to better himself at work, and that included saying the absolute truth. The trouble is, Garrett still needs to do his job at 1PP as Frank orders him to, so Frank reminded him that he could always lose his job.


Later, Frank said the two could always hash out their issues. As usual, no one lost their job and Garrett realized it was possible for him to change his life while still working for Frank as he always did. Garrett even agreed to walk back his comments. Frank thought Garrett gave him a resignation letter, but it was really the letter he wrote to the Post's editor walking back his comments.

Blue Bloods airs Fridays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS. The two-hour Season 11 finale airs on Friday, May 14, beginning at 9 p.m. ET. Past episodes can be streamed on Paramount+.

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