'Blue Bloods': Did [Spoiler] Survive Getting Shot?

In Friday's episode of Blue Bloods, Officer Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray) was shot while on duty, forcing Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) to jump into action to help his partner.

blue bloods eddie gets shot
(Photo: John Paul Filo/CBS)

Eddie and Jamie have been close since she joined the series in season four, and fans have always hoped to see the two together romantically. They decided awhile back to stay working friends, despite the obvious chemistry they have. Seeing the possibility of Eddie dying came as a blow to fans.

Eddie was shot during a chase with suspects, but thankfully her bullet-proof vest stopped the bullet from hitting her. Unfortunately, another officer was killed. The suspect, Malcolm Janes, was taken into custody. He fired first.

Fans were happy to see Eddie survive the gunshot.

This incident led to another conflict between Commissioner Frank Reagan and Mayor Dutton (Lorraine Bracco), who did not defend police during the press conference. Instead, she made it seem like the suspect had a reason to fire on police officers. She told reporters that the suspect was being chased by the police and any minority would have a good reason to fear them.

Frank later offered Eddie a chance to get a new job in the department, but she said she loves it where she is. Eddie also said Jamie did everything by the book.

Later, Jamie tried to pick up Eddie to take her home, but her new boyfriend, Barry, showed up. Eddie said Barry came back when she told him that Jamie was her "work husband." But it's clear that Eddie is realizing Jamie has feelings for her.

The youngest of Frank Reagan's (Tom Selleck) sons had been out of the series for a couple of weeks, only making appearances during the famous Reagan family dinners.

While trying to figure out what happened, Erin found out that the suspect shot a cop as part of a gang initiative. The suspect's attorney turned out to be Jack, Erin's ex-husband. Erin was surprised he took the job, but he helped her get to the truth of the case.

Meanwhile, Jamie kept suppressing his feelings for Eddie and Frank learns that Mayor Dutton plans on leaving after the next election. She did not want to be mayor at all, because she liked fighting for the underdog.

Fans really were not happy about Jamie not telling Eddie about her true feelings.

Last week, Jamie and Eddie finally had their own story.

Jamie tried to help Officer Tariq (Rene Ifrah), a Muslim police officer who spent a decade undercover at a mosque. Tariq was desperate to be promoted or reassigned and thought Jamie could use his connections to get him a new role. That did not work. Instead, Tariq was finally promoted after he diffused a bomb left in a school bus outside the mosque. He was transferred to the Counter-Terrorism Task Force.


Thankfully, Eddie survived the gunshot wound to fight crime another day. She will be back in action in "Risk Management," where she and Jamie find themselves on the wrong side of an investigation after they respond to a car chase. The new episode airs on Friday, April 13 at 10 p.m. ET.

Photo credit: John Paul Filo/CBS