'Blue Bloods': Danny Gets Shot at During Drug Bust Shootout

On this week's episode of Blue Bloods, Detective Danny Reagan got shot during a drug bust operation that did not go exactly as planned.

In "Stirring The Pot," Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) ran into Detective Tommy Pierce, who works for the organized crime division. At the beginning of the episode, Danny and Detective Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez) were trying to stop a suspect, but Tommy got in their way and the suspect escaped. It turned out that the suspect did business with the Lion's Head drug cartel, which organized crime is trying to stop.

The division was about to make the big move, and Tommy believed Danny and Baez would only get in their way.

Danny and Baez were allowed to take part in the operation, which exploded into gunfire. At one point, it looked like the shooting was over, but then a cartel member with a machine gun suddenly approached and shot another officer. Tommy delayed in his reaction, so Danny just jumped out and took a hit. Thankfully, the bullet just grazed his shoulder.

Even though Tommy put Danny's life in danger, Danny told Baez he would vouch for him. After all, the operation was a success and ended in arrests.

During his interview with internal affairs, Danny continued to cover for Tommy, even though Tommy had a better shot at the criminal. The investigator asked Danny if he was covering for Tommy because they went to the police academy together. He insisted he was not. The investigator told him that if she finds out Tommy did something wrong, she will go after them.

Later, Danny told Tommy he had his back, but he was not buying Tommy's excuses. Tommy admitted that thoughts of his daughter came into his head.

"Plenty of cops have kids, but you still got to do the job or you're going to put people's lives in danger," Danny reminded Tommy.

"I know... it's just... it's still brand new," Tommy said. He then promised Danny it would never happen again, and Danny said it better not.

Later, Danny met with Sidney (Robert Clohessy), who said Danny cannot be covering for Tommy. He told Danny he has to get ahead of the investigation and his father, Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck), would not help him get his badge back.

Danny agreed to give a statement to the internal affairs investigator, but Tommy made one first and Danny no longer had to be interviewed. Tommy told Danny he told the truth and agreed to retire. Danny thought Tommy should have talked to him about his decision first, but Tommy realized that would only end with Danny talking him out of it. Tommy said he and his family will be fine. He is a father now and that's more important to him than being a police officer.


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Photo credit: CBS