'Blindspot' Final Season to Air Summer 2020

Blindspot will not return for its fifth and final season for a little bit longer. The NBC police thriller was noticeably left out of the network's midseason premiere schedule. However, reports revealed the series will be returning for its 13-episode season in summer 2020. The specific date will be announced at a later date.

The show was a breakout hit for the network when it launched in fall 2015 behind The Voice on Mondays. The ratings started to decline after the show moved to Wednesdays in Season 2, and its next move to Fridays in Season 3 did not make things better.

The delay means fans of the thriller will have to wait a little bit longer before the resolution of the big Season 4 finale cliffhanger. At the end of the episode, titled "The Gang Gets Gone" Weller (Sullivan Stapleton), Patterson (Ashley Johnson), Reade (Rob Brown) and Zapata (Audrey Esparza) were seemingly blown up after a missile hit a cabin where they were all in hiding.

Jane (Jaimie Alexander) witnessed the attack from outside the cabin and watched in horror as her team, and her husband, were seemingly blown to bits by their enemies Madeline Burke (Mary Elizabeth Mastranoio)

Soon after the finale, creator Martin Gero told Entertainment Tonight they wanted to make a bold statement ahead of the final season.

"We wanted to shake it up and we wanted to end with a bang, literally. We were hoping for a fifth and final season, and we wanted to make sure this was going to be the worst possible series finale so that we would have to do a fifth season," Gero said. "We've never had a bad guy win so hard on the show. Like, she (Madeline) really did it. She had a big success. We thought we had been able to mute her and confine her, but we really underestimated her. She finds herself in an incredible seat of power, looking over the FBI now and essentially neutering Weitz.

He added, "But that's not her endgame, right? She's not like, 'OK, well done. Now I'm just going to enjoy helping run the FBI." She has a vision for what she wants her life to be and her plan is about getting more power. And the more power she gets, the more difficult it is for us to come back. The [final] season's tension really is: How do we stop her before she gets so powerful that it's just impossible?"

As for whether the heroes survived the dramatic explosion?


"I don't want to say much. I mean, it's a pretty big explosion," he said. "Our smart viewers will realize that there is an escape hatch in that cabin. But it was also said, 'Don't go down there. It's very dangerous.'"

Blindspot will return in the summer on NBC.