'Blindspot': [Spoiler's] Life-Threatening Injuries Reveals Shocking Return

One of Blindspot's fan-favorite characters found themselves in grave danger during Friday's episode, leading to a life-altering realization.

FBI investigator Patterson (Ashley Johnson) suffered life-threatening injuries after, in the midst of attempting to crack one of Jane Doe's (Jaime Alexander) tattoos, one of the machines in the lab exploded, sending her on a Groundhog Day-like loop.

The tragic and, at times hilarious, episode is one of the NBC crime drama's strongest hours to date. However, the story wasn't just an ode to the classic film Groundhog Day, as Patterson's life really hung in the balance with doctors trying to save her life.

The episode was not without surprise appearances, as Patterson imagines a reunion with her dead boyfriend David (Joe Dinicol), who was killed in season one by a Russian agent.

David tells her she'll be stuck in a loop until she can fix what caused her accident. But she has another regret in mind she'd rather fix first.

"If I'd never showed you Jane's tattoos, you never would've chased that clue and you never would've gone in that alley and... you'd still be here."

"I'm here now, so just worry about today. Fix today. Break the loop," David says.

Patterson later runs into another dead colleague, who was murdered after Patterson ignored his warnings. Patterson realizes she must figure out who tampered with the lab equipment in order to break the loop.

Later in the episode, Patterson imagines a naked Roman (Luke Mitchell) on the elevator as the loop continues, causing an uproar amongst fans.

Outside of Patterson's head, the team realizes the equipment explosion was an accident. Her brain starts to bleed and surgeons rush her to surgery.

As the doctors work to save Patterson, she faces the ghosts of ex boyfriends past, who motivate her to trust herself to start dating again.

"You'll never have a future until you can make peace with your past."

After a hilarious Breakfast Club parody scene, Patterson figures out Jane's latest tattoo leads to General Peter Mahoney, the person responsible for the explosion at the lab.

The doctors tell the FBI team to call Patterson's next of kin, as it's not looking good for the fan-favorite scientist.

The ghosts from her past tell Patterson she can give up whenever she wants, but she decides to keep fighting. She is not going to die today. In the OR, Patterson flatlines.

Later, Patterson wakes up, she tells the team about the general being responsible, which leads to his arrest.

At the hospital, Patterson tells her friends to not be afraid to live their lives and share their truths. And she promises move on from her mistakes.


The episode comes to an end with the shocking reveal that the FBI's old mole, as well as Patterson's ex boyfriend Borden (Ukweli Roach), is still alive.

Blindspot airs Fridays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.