Bill O'Reilly Mocks 'Jesus Christ Superstar' and Chrissy Teigen Strikes Back

Bill O'Reilly took to Twitter on Sunday to mock NBC's production of Jesus Christ Superstar, drawing a brutal comeback from Chrissy Teigen.

NBC ran a live broadcast of Jesus Christ Superstar on Easter Sunday. The production starred John Legend at Jesus Christ, Sara Bareilles as Mary Magdalene, and O'Reilly took issue with the fact that some of the cast members had anachronistic tattoos.

"Watching JC Superstar on NBC," he wrote. "Who knew Jesus of Nazareth ran a tattoo parlor? Geez."

Teigen, who was live-tweeting the whole show in support of her husband, John Legend, retweeted O'Reilly's grumbling with a vicious response.

"Yes the shop specializes in coverups that aren’t 32 million dollars," she wrote.

The comeback referenced the sexual harassment scandals that ended O'Reilly's career on Fox News. The long time anchor settled a harassment claim with a payment of $32 million, according to a report by The New York Times from last October.

According to the report, Fox News legal analyst Lis Wiehl complained of repeated harassment, coercion and inappropriate pornographic correspondence from O'Reilly, who had already settled claims from five other women with similar accusations.

O'Reilly is making payments to Wiehl over time in exchange for her media silence and her promise not to sue him personally or 21st Century Fox again.

The report was the beginning of an avalanche of bad press for O'Reilly. Yet nearly a year later, he continues to speak out on Twitter, making himself an easy target for retaliation from those who know about his alleged misdeeds.

Teigen's rebuttal was met with amazement from her followers, who declared it a burn of historical magnitude and proclaimed Teigen as "the best at twitter."

Many of her other tweets were more subdued as she praised her husband's performance and that of the rest of the cast. Teigen is currently pregnant with the couple's second child, and her pregnancy has become a social media phenomenon. The 32-year-old model, author and TV personality tells it like it is and defies all preconceived notions.

However, many users on the website are still smarting from Teigen's statements on the Roseanne reboot from last week. She tweeted a screenshot of a now-deleted tweet from Roseanne Barr which read "NAZI SALUTE". It supported a conspiracy theory that the survivors of the Parkland, Florida school shooting were paid actors pursuing an anti-second amendment agenda.

"Argh. Hit show on ABC. we have reached peak normalization," Teigen wrote on Thursday. People remembered this during her live-tweeting of Jesus Christ Superstar on Sunday.

"The very highest height of hypocrisy and devilish nonsense is the idea of John Legend playing the role of Jesus Christ or Chrissy Teigen talking about what should be normal and what, out of bounds," wrote one user. "Ridiculous and absurd!"


Without missing a beat, Teigen took this in stride.

"The reviews are in!!!" she wrote. "The people love it!!!!"