'Big Bang Theory': What to Expect From Tonight's New Episode

Now that Sheldon and Amy are finally engaged, it's time for the Big Bang Theory gang to get into full wedding planning mode.

Monday night's episode of the hit CBS sitcom is titled "The Relaxation Integration," and its main focus will be on Sheldon's difficulty planning his wedding. He's panicked, as the promo for the episode shows, and Amy will try her best to calm him down.

In an effort to help Sheldon chill out, Amy records her new fiance in his sleep, proving that he can actually be easy-going when he wants to be.

Along with Amy and Sheldon's wedding planning, the episode will also follow Raj as he meets a potential love interest. He and Stuart meet Bernadette's new co-worker, Ruchi (Swati Kapila). The two will try and do their best to win over this new character, though neither have had much luck with that.

So far this season, Raj has been having trouble dealing with the fact that all of his friends are either married or engaged. He's sick of being the odd man out.


Could Ruchi be the woman that Raj has been waiting his whole life for?

"The Relaxation Integration" will air tonight at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.