'Big Bang Theory' Star Kevin Sussman Is Getting a Divorce

The Big Bang Theory's Stuart Bloom is never lucky with the ladies, and his real-life counterpart seems to have a striking similarity.

According to documents obtained by The Blast, actor Kevin Sussman and Alessandra Young are in the midst of a divorce after filing legal papers in October.

Much is unknown regarding Sussman's marriage, but the documents state they originally wed in January 2006 and split up on New Year's Eve in 2012.

Young will not be collecting spousal support from the funny man, though; Sussman made a one time equalization payment to her when they initially separated.

While Sussman's personal life may not be thriving, he says things at work are "amazing," despite reports of jealousy or clashing egos on The Big Bang Theory set.

"It is by far my longest job of any kind — be it acting or non-acting. It is amazing. I had done enough TV stuff before The Big Bang Theory. I had done enough to sort of appreciate how awesome everybody is on The Big Bang Theory, how nice and cool everybody is," Sussman told IANS.

The actor spoke out before reports claimed showrunners were planning to end the series because of the cast's irreconcilable differences, Sussman raved about his costars. "I really think one of the reasons why the show is so successful is pure luck. There are really no jerks involved. Everyone is super-nice, there is not a lot of ego and stuff," he said.


"The cast, they all are good friends. I think it is the only show, that I have been involved with, that has been so successful. But I would assume that it is a sort of necessary accident that needs to happen in order for the show to be successful because you are working in such close proximity for so long," Sussman added. "I think I lucked out by getting the job and I think the show lucked out by just having a group of people that work well together."

Outside of Sussman's recurring role in Big Bang, he has acted in several films and series, including Burn After Reading, Almost Famous, Ugly Betty and Killers.