'Better Call Saul' Final Season 6 Teaser Hints at Spring Release Date

A new Better Call Saul Season 6 teaser has been released, and it may hint at a Spring release date for the show's finale season. In the brief clip posted to social media, the Cousins — a pair of ruthless killers from the Breaking Bad/Better Caul Saul universe — suddenly appear at a crime scene. Sporting their unmistakable black boots with silver plating, the Cousins stroll past police and investigators, likely on their way to intimidate someone.

Fans who've check out the teaser on Twitter noticed that the investigators have two evidence cards, one marked "D" and another marked "R." The sleuthing fans have taken this to mean that show will debut on April 18, as D is the fourth letter of the alphabet — with April being the fourth month — and R is the 18th letter of the alphabet. AMC has not commented on the possibility that fans figured it out, but the teaser post does encourage fans to "mark your calendar" without actually providing a debut date. For this reason, it is plausible that fans have deduced the hidden hint fort the season premiere date.

Better Call Saul Season 6 will be the show's final outing and will consist of 13 episodes run, up from the usual 10 episodes. "From the beginning when we started this, I think all our hopes and dreams were to be able to tell the whole story ... and make it to be a complete story from beginning to end," the show's co-creator Peter Gould previously stated. "We're going to try like hell to stick the landing of these 63 episodes."

The new teaser comes less than a year after Odenkirk was hospitalized after collapsing while on the set of the AMC series. He was rushed to the hospital on July 27, but little information was initially shared. Cross issued a brief statement at one point tweeting, "I will share what I know when I can but Bob is one of the strongest people I know both physically and spiritually. He WILL get through this."

It was later revealed that Odenkirk suffered a "small heart attack." He gave fans an update on his health just days after his hospitalization, writing in a tweet, "I am doing great. I've had my very own It's A Wonderful Life week of people insisting I make the world slightly better. Wow! Thank you, I love everyone right now but let's keep expectations reasonable!" About one month later, Odenkirk revealed that he was back to work on Better Saul Call. It is unclear if Odenkirk's hospitalization had an impact on premiere plans.