'Better Call Saul' Fans Can Watch Hidden Episodes Ahead of Season 6 Premiere

Better Call Saul fans are likely desperate for the hit series' Season 6 premiere, but, in the [...]

Better Call Saul fans are likely desperate for the hit series' Season 6 premiere, but, in the meantime, they can watch some hidden episodes of the show. Better Call Saul aired its Season 5 finale in April 2020, and while Season 6 has begun production — per a report from Cheat Sheet — it will likely be some time before the new season airs on AMC. If you're a Better Call Saul who has an itch for the show right now, you can scratch that with a series of webisodes available on AMC's YouTube page.

One set of the webisodes are Los Pollos Hermanos Employee Training videos featuring Gus Fring, played by the inimitable Giancarlo Esposito. Notably, those webisodes actually won an Emmy in 2017 for Outstanding Short Form Comedy or Drama Series. There is also a Madrigal Electromotive Security Training video that features Jonathan Banks as everyone's favorite fixer, Mike Ehrmantraut. Finally, fans can check out Better Call Saul Employee Training: Legal Ethics With Kim Wexler, starring Rhea Seehorn.

Cheat Sheet also shared comments from Vince Gilligan, the creator of Better Call Saul, and its predecessor, Breaking Bad. Gilligan, who is also the showrunner for Better Call Saul, revealed that he often encounters fans who much prefer the spinoff to the original series. "I run into people every day now who say Better Call Saul is their favorite of the two," he shared.

"I love hearing that. I don't know where I fall personally on that scale, that continuum — I try not to choose," he added, explaining that he isn't sure he could pick a favorite. "I don't have children, but this is as close as I'll ever get to having children. I find it hard to choose between them. But I'm just glad they both exist."

Better Call Saul Season 6 will be the show's final outing and will likely begin airing its 13-episode run — up from the usual 10 episodes — in early 2022. "From the beginning when we started this, I think all our hopes and dreams were to be able to tell the whole story ... and make it to be a complete story from beginning to end," the show's co-creator Peter Gould previously stated. "We're going to try like hell to stick the landing of these 63 episodes."