Bernadette Peters Commemorates Mary Tyler Moore on ABC 'In Memoriam' Special

"I guess she liked me," Bernadette Peters said on last night's 20/20 special, laughing. "How did that happen? How did I become friends with Mary Tyler Moore?"

ABC aired an hour long special called The Year in Memoriam 2017 last night, where the commemorated some of the biggest stars that passed away throughout the year. Mary Tyler Moore was a big part of the coverage, and Peters had plenty to say about her hero who became a mentor who became a friend.

"Mary was always constant," she said. "Mary was always there for me, and I could always call her."

Peters even shared a story about Moore generously offering to host Peters' wedding in her own house.

"I was getting married," she recalled, "and trying to figure out where to have it. [Mary Tyler Moore] said 'why don't you have it here?' She gave me my wedding, at her house. That's a big deal."


Peters wasn't the only one with fond memories of Moore last night. Stars turned out in force to honor the entertainment icons that the world lost this year, including Don Rickles, David Cassidy, Glen Campbell and Tom Petty.