'Bel-Air' Exclusive Clip - What's Up With Hilary and LaMarcus?

Fans can't get enough of Bel-Air on Peacock. In the upcoming episode, Hilary Banks (Coco Jones) throws a successful collab and proves her chops as ½ of the head of the influencer house. "I guess I just needed to walk on water to make you a believer," she jokes to Ivy (Karrueche Tran). She's then grilled on her budding romance with NLF star, LaMarcus. And while she denies their relationship is more than platonic, he surely doesn't. But what does this mean for her future with Jazz?

The show has been an unprecedented success, despite fans' fear of the show running the legacy of the 90s sitcom. And it's already been renewed for a third season. So there's more of Hilary's development to watch. 

While most would be intimidated by a reimagined version of an iconic character, Jones viewed it differently. "I was more honored that I get to portray Hilary through this new lens. I think originally, Hilary had a storyline that is completely different than mine. So this version of Hillary is a lot more similar to me, and I think it's fun and refreshing and important to be that dark-skinned representation, especially on such a show like this, that it comes from culture and it is continuing to impact culture," she told us in a recent interview. 

Unlike the first iteration of Banks played by Karyn Parsons, this version has drive, wit, smarts, and beauty. And she resonates much more with Jones. "Hilary and me are very similar. We're both very goal-oriented, very confident, outspoken, and it was so interesting how art imitates life because Hilary also was very vocal on her social media platforms about her dissatisfaction with the industry, and I literally did the same thing," she explained. "So it was just so weird to get to play that on screen when I did that in real life and it changed my life, but we're very similar. I would hang out with her."

Watch the clip above of the upcoming episode. New episodes air weekly on Thursdays on Peacock.