'Arrow' Season 7 Trailer Released

The new Arrow trailer shows the Green Arrow back in action in season 7, though Oliver Queen may still be out of commission.

The CW released a prolonged trailer for Arrow on Wednesday. The season premiere airs on Monday, Oct. 15, and may raise more questions than it answers. The clip finds Ollie in prison after turning himself in at the end of season 6. However, a masked vigilante is still roaming Star City, using arrows to combat crime.

The contradiction is made all the more mysterious by Ollie's lack of reaction to the news. Judging by the voice over, Oliver seems to hear word of the new vigilante, but he neither confirms nor denies that it is him.

"I have always done what I had to do," Ollie says to Diggle at one point in the clip. He is behind bars and heavily guarded, yet after six seasons of ups and downs, it is hard not to think that Oliver Queen could get out of prison if he really wanted to.

While most fans probably think or hope that Oliver will not stay behind bars for long, the trailer does little to suggest that. The video does not show its hero outside of prison once, and the only things he wears are a prison uniform and stitches. Still, Oliver can find plenty of trouble even in a tight space. The trailer shows some quick cuts of him taking on fellow prisoners, apparently naked at once point, until he finally kneels down and submits to a small mob of guards.

"There aren't any heroes in here," one of them warns him.

There is one glimmer of hope for Oliver's escape: Felicity and William. Near the end of the trailer, he lies on his cot staring at a picture of the two. In voice over, he wishes he could get back to them. The trailer then cuts to Felicity and William in the woods, running from Ricardo Diaz (Kirk Acevedo). The villain holds a gun, and Felicity cries out for Oliver.

"He can't help you," Diaz says, taking aim.


The simple fact that Felicity called Oliver's name seems to suggest that he might be a free man. Felicity is a brilliant girl, and it is unlikely she would scream for a savior she knew was in prison. With that in mind, fans can keep their fingers crossed that Oliver will make his escape sooner rather than later, whether he assumes the mantle of the Green Arrow or not.

Arrow season 7 premieres on Monday, Oct. 15 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.