'Andi Mack' Fans Furious Over Disney Channel Canceling Series After Season 3

Disney Channel has announced that Andi Mack will be ending with Season 3, and fans are furious over the series cancellation.

The dramady series was the highest rated show on the network, and was quite beloved by fans.

After the news that it is ending the hit series, fans quickly began taking to social media to express how angry and confused they are over the decision.

"Andi Mack did not find out her sister was her mother after thirteen years for this," one fan said. "Buffy Driscoll did not start a girls basketball team, burn off some of her hair and move from (and back) to shadyside for this.

Jonah Beck did not have MULTIPLE panic attacks and lose his HOUSE.."

"How f—ing stupid can Disney be [right now] bruh [you are] going to go BANKRUPT do u understand that are u aware that andi mack is probably the show generating the highest revenue for u [right now]," another fan tweeted.

"Everyone will remember where they were and what they were doing when they found out Andi Mack wasn't getting picked up for a season four," someone else commented.

"Y'all let Bunk'd get renewed while changing its entire cast like four times," one other fan said, "but when someone says 'renew Andi Mack' it's uhh 'y'all hear sumn?' "

While many fans are taking the time to process the news that their favorite show is ending, others have made recommendations on how it may not have to.

One fan suggested that there might be a way that Disney could move the show to Disney+ instead of cancelling it.


At this time, the final episodes of Andi Mack are scheduled to air in June.