'American Gods' Season 2 Premiere Date Revealed

American Gods Season 2 finally has a release date. The series returns to Starz on Sunday, March 10.

American Gods has been through a lot in its year and a half off the air. Many fans were worried for the future of the series, but this week Starz finally revealed its plans for a second season. The show is based on a novel of the same name written by Neil Gaiman. For Season 2, Gaiman took a more hands-on approach with he series, and according to a report by The Hollywood Reporter, he has tried to steer it closer to the content of his original book.

Those efforts paid off, judging by the teaser for Season 2 back in October. Starz debuted the footage at New York Comic-Con, but still was not ready to to commit to a premiere date. At last, that date is here, along with the official poster.

The image is not subtle in laying out the role of our hero, Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle) going forward. He is lying on the hood of a car with his legs crossed and his arms spread wide, a martyr to the cause of his new boss, Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane.)

"We all need a savior," reads the text beside him.

Wednesday, in turn, stands poised to get in the driver's seat. An ominous reference to his past hangs overhead, as two ravens circle over the car hungrily.

Fans were replied in the hundreds, glad to finally have a date to look forward to. Many fans responded by tagging their friends, encouraging them to catch up on the first season ahead of time. The Starz Twitter account got in on the conversation as well.

"Might start this weekend if I catch some free time," one person wrote.

"Or you can join us for the Season 1 binge on December 29!" Starz responded.

"My birthday is in March so I will assume this is being released only for me," added another person.

"The gods were indeed listening," Starz replied.

The show follows an ex-convict named Shadow who falls into the bizarre world of living gods — both old and new. The beings need attention and worship to survive, and they are battling for dominance in the American landscape.

The first season was lauded for bold visual choices, but many felt that it strayed too far from the source material. It also became incredibly expensive, which reportedly led to the exit of showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green.

They were replaced with Jesse Alexander, with Gaiman joining as an executive producer to share some showrunning duties. However, he may have taken over more fully than that. THR reports that Alexander has been effectively sidelined on the production after fights with McShane and disagreements with the network.


Whatever production drama has plagued the show, it is finally coming back. Only time will tell whether the epic tale of the House on the Rock was worth the wait.

American Gods season 2 premieres on Sunday, March 10 on Starz.