'American Gods': Kristen Chenoweth Unsure If She'll Return for Season 2

Kristen Chenoweth starred as Easter in this summer's Starz original hit American Gods. However, the future of the show has been uncertain since the end of season 1, and this weekend Chenoweth confessed that she wasn't entirely certain she would be coming back.

reporters from Variety caught up with Chenoweth on the red carpet outside of the TrevorLive La Gala in Beverly Hills. Chenoweth was there to receive recognition for her work with the Trevor Project.

When reporters asked her about the future of Easter on Starz adaptation of Neil Gaiman's novel, she didn't have much to report. However, she said she was "devastated" to learn that showrunners Michael Green and Bryan Fuller had left the project, and she thought that might effect her status on the show as well. Bryan was the one who cast Chenoweth as Easter. The two had previously worked together on Pushing Daisies.

"When Bryan was the showrunner, I was coming back for several episodes, but I don't know now," Chenoweth explained. "It depends on who it is and if they think I add value or not."

"The cast, we all talk to each other and they're getting together tonight," she added, "so we'll see what happens next."


Starz has been very unclear about when the show will return. The series is an adaptation of a beloved fantasy novel by Neil Gaiman, which tells the story of an ex-convict travelling across America with a rotating cast of real-life gods -- both old and new. The show received good reviews and ratings consistently, and it only told about a third of the story contained in the original book. Gaiman says that the series partially inspired him to begin working on a new novel, a direct sequel to the original.

In addition, since American Gods aired, Gaiman has been hard at work on a TV adaptation of another one of his books -- Good Omens, which he co-authored with the late Terry Pratchett. Amazon Prime is working on the new series, which stars David Tenant in the role of an apathetic demon named Crowley. The series is set to be released some time in 2018.