'All Rise' Not on Tonight, CBS Airing' 'Price Is Right at Night' Instead

For any All Rise fans who were hoping to catch an episode of the series tonight, you're, unfortunately, going to be out of luck. Instead of airing a rerun of All Rise, CBS is set to air a Price is Right at Night special with RuPaul. The RuPaul's Drag Race host is set to play alongside regular contestants during the special and will donate his winnings to Planned Parenthood.

All Rise's first season actually came to an end a week prior on May 4. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the series did things a bit differently for their finale. The Season 1 finale of All Rise, which was entitled "Dancing in Los Angeles," was an entirely remotely-produced episode. The finale gave viewers an inside look into how the characters of All Rise are coping amidst the pandemic. Additionally, it showcased the characters, such as Judge Lola Carmichael (Simone Missick), working from home. As CNN reported, Judge Carmichael made history in the episode by virtually presiding over a bench trial.

All Rise became the first scripted drama to resume production amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which caused television productions across the board to shut down. CNN noted that Parks and Recreation was the first scripted comedy to head back into production with their reunion special, which aired on April 30 and benefited Feeding America. All Rise's season finale was filmed using Zoom, FaceTime, WebEX and other online technology. It also involved the cast having to do tasks, such as hair and makeup, that are traditionally handled by about 12 different departments, as star Missick told CNN.

"We adjusted some things. Some of our original impulses had this event not happen may have been a little bit different in terms of how we were going to resolve certain relationship questions," executive producer Greg Spottiswood told CNN about All Rise's unique finale. "But the actual reality kind of changed how we felt the characters would start feeling about each other. So it became a storytelling opportunity as well."


Shortly after the finale aired, the show received some good news about Season 2. On Wednesday, it was reported that All Rise was amongst the numerous programs that CBS would be picking up for another season. On Instagram, Missick addressed the show's renewal by penning a sweet message to the show's fans. She wrote, in part, "Thank you all for watching [All Rise], tweeting and posting, and being faithful supporters of this special show."