ABC Employees Reportedly Frustrated Over Lengthy Investigation Into Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes

ABC News employees are ready for the drama surrounding T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach to come to an end. Nearly two months after the Daily Mail first broke the story that the two GMA3 co-hosts were allegedly involved in a months-long affair, and more than a month after Robach and Holmes were pulled off air amid an investigation into their relationship, morale among employees is reportedly at an all-time low amid the prolonged drama, with some even questioning ABC News President Kim Godwin's handling of the situation.

The drama surrounding Robach and Holmes first broke in late November when the Daily Mail published images of the pair spending time together in a report that claimed they had been romantically involved for the past six months. The report led to headline-making news that is still capturing attention, with one insider telling Page Six, "It's going on two months! It's been a two-month tabloid frenzy. The place is not in a very good place [to be]." The insider added that the drama is "affecting morale – not so much the talent. It's the rank-and-file – the people who keep the lights on. Morale is at an all-time low."

Much of the upheaval has to do with Godwin's handling of the situation. Days after news of the affair first broke, Robach and Holmes were removed from the air, with Godwin telling staffers that while she did not believe their relationship was a violation of company policy, ABC News wanted "to do what's best for the organization" amid what she dubbed an "internal and external distraction." However, just three days later on Dec. 8, it was announced that ABC's human resources and legal departments were leading an internal review into the relationship that will "look into all aspects of the high-profile co-workers" romance to determine whether Robach or Holmes did anything to breach their contracts.

One source told Page Six that ABC staffers are confused amid the sudden reverse in ABC's stance, asking, "Why tell people they didn't violate anything and then take them off air? It makes no sense. There's nothing consistent about her behavior except the inconsistencies of her behavior." One source blamed Godwin's "lack of decisiveness" for prolonging the drama," going on to call the situation "disorganized."

At this time, Robach and Holmes' fate at the network remain unclear, though some seem to believe it is unlikely they will return. Multiple sources told the outlet that signs seem to be pointing to them not returning to the air, with one person telling Page Six, "the affair is one thing, but you also can't be credible to tell the news when you are the news – that's part of the challenge."