Abby Huntsman and 'The View' Fans React on Twitter After Her Exit

It was reported on Monday that Abby Huntsman is officially leaving The View to help run her father's campaign for governor in Utah, and fans quickly began reacting to the news of her departure on Twitter.

One person shared the news along with several crying emojis. "As someone who you would consider a 'liberal' I enjoy listening to ALL of the voices on The View," another wrote. "Each one has it's (sic) importance to our Country. I'm going to Miss Abby's voice."

A third added, "She's leaving the show? I wish her the best. I hope they find a stronger, conservative voice to replace her. She was often overshadowed by the bigger personalities." A fourth wrote, "She'll be missed."

Others weren't exactly sad to see her exit.

"So glad to see her go but wishing her well," someone tweeted. "Abby Huntsman is leaving @TheView ?? I forgot she was even on the show so..." quipped another viewer. One person simply wrote, "Good."

Huntsman joined the talk show at the beginning of Season 22 in September 2018 and announced her departure during Monday's episode.

"Family has always been my number one priority, and is where I need to be focused at this time," the 33-year-old said in a statement, via PEOPLE. "We are incredibly close and are there to support and help each other when it matters. It's not often there is a political campaign that involves someone you love and believe in, but this is one of them.

"I'm so thankful for this opportunity and for ABC believing in me," she continued. "It was always a dream to sit at The View table. I have the deepest gratitude for all of my co-hosts and the team at The View who don't get enough credit for what they do every day — I've learned so much from each of them and this will always be a special place to me."

Huntsman will become the senior advisor of her father, Jon Huntsman Jr.'s, campaign for governor of Utah.

"Abby brought a unique, intelligent, insightful and relatable voice to our table," The View executive producers Hilary Estey McLoughlin, Candi Carter and Brian Teta said in a statement. "While we are sad she has made the decision to leave, with Abby, family always comes first and we admire her commitment as she moves on to this next exciting chapter with her father's campaign for governor and to spend more time with her young family."

"We will miss her warm presence at the studio both at the table and behind the scenes," they continued. "She will always be a part of our family at The View and ABC News and we welcome her back to have a seat at the table anytime."


Huntsman shares 7-month-old twins Ruby Kate and William Jeffrey and 2-year-old daughter Isabel Grace with husband Jeffrey Livingston.

Photo Credit: Getty / Heidi Gutman