Emmys 2019 Red Carpet Is Bright Purple, and Social Media Has Thoughts

The 2019 Emmys on Fox quickly earned a lot of love for the peculiarities it had compared to other major awards and Emmy telecasts from past years. Not only did the show itself go hostless, opting for some comedic commentary from The State alum Thomas Lennon and plenty of fun with the numerous presenters.

But before it even kicked off, the Fox presentation offered a different take of the red carpet experience. Not only was the carpet purple, there were also some very special fans on hand to keep the stars cool.

The purple carpet got plenty of attention as the festivites got underway, with some asking why they chose purple, while others noted it was a good change. And it was a change that came about for an obvious reason according to Romper.

"What do you think of when you think of purple? It's royalty," Rita Garcia reported for Good Day LA according to Romper. "So this year they're honoring Hollywood and also television royalty, so that's what this is all about."

On social media, the reactions were split on the carpet being a "rip off" or "copy" of prior awards shows and the Korean boy band BTS for some reason. A few commenters online tried to set the record straight.


"Western award shows always do different coloured carpets other than red, and it just happened to be purple right?," the commenter wrote. "Is there an actual reason y'all are saying that or are y'all just tryna embarrass us?"

"Some people can't understand that the purple colour exist for waaay more years than some kpop group," another wrote.