'Euphoria' Actors Tristan and Tyler Timmons Tease 'Mess' Coming in Episode 6

Euphoria Episode 6 is about to take viewers on another crazy ride. Ahead of the premiere of "The Next Episode," actors Tyler and Tristan Timmons talked to PopCulture.com about how their characters will be jumping into the show's spotlight for a surprising storyline this week. The twin brothers play comic relief, with at-times problematic jokes, Troy and Roy in the controversial HBO drama series.

"Troy is basically... arrogant 14-year-old with an inappropriate sense of humor," Tyler described to PopCulture.com in a phone interview Thursday, July 18.

Tristan added: "Roy is pretty much the exact same as his brother... they're both just two kids... ignorant and they have a very, very bad sense of humor."

(Photo: Russell Baer)

The characters, who have provided some humor amid the show's darkest moments, clearly have some growing up to do, and Tyler revealed some of Troy's choices will be coming back to bite him sooner rather than later.

"Troy gets into a lot of mess... Episode six will be a very interesting episode for Troy, that's the only thing I can say, you got to tune in and see," Tyler teased.

While he kept details about the episode to himself, Tyler teased fans have seen some clues as to what will go down during the first half of the season.

"It's like everything that leads up this is kind of the rising action for Troy, and then this happens, and it's the climax," he said.

Euphoria is the first TV project for the talented young actors and comedians, who also had a role in Marvel's Black Panther and enjoy a massive following on YouTube with almost 225,000 subscribers on their "TRVP Twinz" YouTube channel.

Reflecting on their breakout role on the hit HBO series, Tyler said it was a big privilege to jump straight into a project with big names like Zendaya and executive producer Drake.

"It was crazy. It feeling like we jumped straight to the big shot...the big guy. These are people we've been looking up to since we was kids, we used to watch Zendaya everyday when we were around nine, ten," he said. "Drake, we've been listening to him our whole lives, so to be around these people and be able to work with them and communicate, talk, laugh, it is just a feeling you can't describe you know, it's like meeting all of our idols and being able to be friends and work with them."

As for what fans can expect for the rest of Season 1? A lot more shocking moments and laughter.


"I can just say, [the rest of the season's] a lot of jaw droppers. You know, a lot of shockers, always a lot of laughter. But the jaw droppers get better and better so you got to tune in and see," Tyler said.

Euphoria airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on HBO.


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