'Floribama Shore' Stars Nilsa, Candace and Codi Dish on the 'Tsunami' of Drama in Season 3 (Exclusive)


'Floribama Shore' Stars Nilsa, Candace and Codi Dish on the 'Tsunami' of Drama in Season 3 (Exclusive)

'Jeopardy' Fans Are Sounding off on James Holzhauer’s Huge Loss After Leaked Footage Comes out

Jeopardy! fans are sounding off on James Holzhauer’s huge loss, after leaked footage comes out ahead of the episode.

Warning — Jeopardy! spoilers ahead.

Holzhauer has been on a winning streak that would have seen the contestant beat Ken Jennings' $2.5 million prize money win, but it turns out that won't be the case.

In leaked footage from Monday's episode, Holzhauer is dealt a tragic blow, loosing for the first time in 32 episodes, which earned him a total win of $2.4 million, bringing him close to beating Jennings, but not quite.

Fans have since been commenting on the leak, with many seeming to be upset that it happened.

"[Jeopardy] if the leaked video hold true it appears James simply gave up. How'd this leak anyway? Someone on staff needs fired," one person wrote.

"So help me god if this leak business is real I will personally track down the culprit and get see to it that his/her a— is banned from any Sony lot henceforth," another person said. "And then also take his/her job cuz ya boy needs to make rent. Pls. Thank you. [All Hail King James]"

"I saw the clip yesterday and my first thought was what jerk would leak the clip? I mean, love or hate James, [Jeopardy] fans are loyal to the show and do NOT want to know what happens ahead of time," someone else exclaimed. "Fire on the idiot who shared the clip. [Jeopardy Guesser]"


However, there are some who think the leak could be fake, and that it was released as a way of keeping fans hyped on the big episode.

Check your local TV listings to see when Jeopardy! airs in your area.


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