‘A Dark Place’ Star Luke Baines Talks Stepping Into a ‘Very Different’ Role in Suspense Drama


‘A Dark Place’ Star Luke Baines Talks Stepping Into a ‘Very Different’ Role in Suspense Drama

'Game of Thrones': Aaron Rodgers Will Cameo in Tonight's Episode

If you needed another reason to watch Sunday's penultimate episode of Game of Thrones closely, NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers just gave you one. The Green Bay Packers quarterback and former Super Bowl champion will be part of whatever is set to go down in King's Landing on Sunday night.

There is no indication on what role he'll be playing, but he'll be joining a long line of notable cameos throughout the show's history. This includes Chris Stapleton during the massive Battle of Winterfell, Ed Sheeran and the members of Mastodon in season 7, Sigur Ros in season 4, and New York Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard during the "field of fire" battle last season.

Rodgers hinted at his cameo during his appearance at the Kentucky Derby and with a tweet during the second episode this season. In the post, he indicated that "episode 5 should be good" while also chiding folks with some spoiler rules.

"24-hour rule still applies folks, for all those who thought there were better things to do tonight than watch [Game of Thrones]," Rodgers wrote at the time.

He confirmed the cameo during an interview at the Kentucky Derby a few weeks later. While being asked about getting into films or doing cameos like LeBron James and other athletes, Rodgers kept it short and sweet.

"Episode 5, Game of Thrones," Rodgers wrote.

While there is no confirmation where we'll see the quarterback in tonight's episode, CBS notes that he had a specific request for his character if he ever got a chance to make a cameo.

"I definitely want to be killed or in one of the steamy scenes for sure," Rodgers told Dan Patrick in 2018. Given what we know about the next episode, things could get both bloody and steamy for Rodgers. Just not the type of steamy he was likely referring to.

Emilia Clarke told Jimmy Kimmel just days ago that we can expect a huge episode with the second-to-last installment of the series.

"Episode 5 is bigger," Clarke told the host. "Episode 5 is, I mean, four and five and six, they're all insane. Find the biggest TV you can."

The episode will also be one of the super-sized episodes for this season, returning the run time to 80-minutes after a shorter episode last week.


It should be at least a spectacle to watch and a bit brighter than the final season's prior tentpole battle. That means your chances of seeing the Green Bay star are far better than catching any of the Battle of Winterfell cameos. And if you want to see what Rodgers looks like on the Iron Throne, HBO has you covered.

Game of Thrones will air its final episodes Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on HBO and HBO Now.