'SNL': Adam Sandler Grows Irritated With Shawn Mendes in New Promo

Ahead of Saturday Night Live this weekend, Adam Sandler was not too happy with the musical performer for his episode, singer Shawn Mendes, in a promo clip.

"Adam, it is so great to have you back here at SNL after 24 years!" Leslie Jones said in the clip.

"Yeah, 24 years! That's like one Shawn Mendes ago," Sandler said.

"You know, actually, I'm only 20 so..." Mendes reminded him.

"Shut up," Sandler said.

"Really?" Jones chimed in.

During a second bit, Sandler said he waited so long to return to SNL because he had something important to say: "Walla-ba-doo."

In the last bit, Jones yelled at the audience to get them excited about Sandler's return.

"Look, this is Adam Sandler! If you can't watch this episode, then I don't know what to say!" Jones yelled.

"Thank you Leslie," Sandler said as Jones hugged him.

This weekend's episode really is the first time Sandler has returned to Saturday Night Live since he left the show in 1995 after five years. He went on to have one of the most successful movie careers for any Saturday Night Live star, although his more recent live action movies have been Netflix exclusives.

He has starred in The Ridiculous 6, The Do-Over, Sandy Wexler, The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected) and The Week Of for the streaming giant. He also released the stand-up special Adam Sandler 100% Fresh last year and will next be seen in Murder Mystery, opposite Jennifer Aniston.

As for Mendes, this is his second trip to Studio 8H at Rockefeller Plaza. He previously performed on the show in 2016, when Emma Stone hosted. The singer, best known for his hits "There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back" and "In My Blood," released the new single "If I Can't Have You" on Friday.

“I’m going through this phase right now where I’m testing out all the styles I can possibly be doing,” Mendes recently said on Apple Music's Beats 1. “Pop is what’s in my blood — no pun intended. In the last six months I wrote about 45 songs and they’re all over the place and different vibes. This is the one consistently every time I played for myself and for friends and family was giving people that smile.”

The new song was written by Mendes with Scott Harris, Teddy Geiger and Nate Mercreau. A black and white video for the song was released on Thursday.


Saturday Night Live airs on NBC at 11:30 p.m. ET. Murder Mystery will be released on Netflix on June 14.

Photo credit: NBC