Kit Harington Reveals His Honest Feelings About the End of 'Game of Thrones'

Kit Harington has revealed his honest feelings about the Game of Thrones' ending, saying that he is “maybe not happy, but very satisfied.”

ET reports that the Jon Snow actor appeared on The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show, and made the ominous "not happy" comment which could mean so many different things.

On one hand, he could be referring to his character dying, which would certainly have a major impact on fans, but on the other hand, he could just be saying that the series ending doesn't necessarily fill him with glee.

"It's like when you finish a book, you're not happy it's over are you? You don't finish a good book and say, 'I'm happy I finished that.' But you have this grief that it's over, and it's exactly same with nine years doing this show," Harington added. "No matter how it ended, or how it does end, there's always this bit of you that's like, ‘Oh'; there's this loss around it."

He later went on to say that he is very "excited" for fans to see the final season, because he believes the last episodes are some of the best pieces of television ever produced.

"I'm so excited for people to see it," he said. "I think it's going to be extraordinary; hopefully it'll change TV again like it did originally, and break boundaries. I think it might."

Harington shared his thoughts on the series ending last year as well, telling reporters that he thinks fans will also have an emotional dilemma over the finale.

"I think a TV series that's spanned eight, nine years is an incredibly difficult thing to end," he explained. "I think not everyone's going to be happy, you know, and you can't please everyone. My favorite TV shows are Sopranos, Breaking Bad, and The Wire, and they all ended in a way that…It's never going to satisfy you."

Harinigton's Game of Thrones co-star Gwendoline Christie — who plays Brienne of Tarth in the show — also spoke about the upcoming final season of the HBO fantasy series, saying that she thinks fans are "going to need therapy" when they see how it ends.


“I think just the show ending is going to send all of the world into professional help,” Christie continued. “I think it’s going to make me incredibly emotional. We’re all emotional about the fact that this is the end, and this is the end of something incredibly significant for all of us, and it’s been a truly incredible thing to be a part of.”

The final season of Game of Thrones begins in April.